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Pakistan to deport 1.1 MILLION Afghan Illegal Refugees - PSF

This act will hurt Pakistan.. to make Afghanistan to play in Indian hands. Stupid asim munier

The afghandus have been given enough chances

If after hosting millions of them they immediately play into Indian hands and attack us then they were NEVER trustworthy to begin with and we are always wasting our time trying to look after them hoping they see us as Muslim brothers.

Let's remember they have attacked us , decade after decade after decade

More lannati kaum.doesnt exist

Let's for once defend Pakistan, get rid of these cancerous Afghanis and have a solid transactional relationship, ie if the afghanis want something, what are they offering in return

Was this Hindu also "our" enemy. Have some shame.

Yep 👍
afghan will say i 'll be back like the terminator. then afghan comes back shoots punjabi officer with ak47.
damn 1.1 million bacha bazi potential to be deported, there goes fun time.
13 days left for our dear Afghandu breathen to leave the country before they are ejected forcefully ;)

I dont see Pakistan deporting anyone if i was honest - they have never have been able to do so successfully before.
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