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Pakistan sees lowest output of cotton in four decades

we are already a large garment maker, will become larger.
here comes the Fragile lungi ego. Did I or anyone ask that?

Inferiority complex apne se unche/ameer logo se hota hai.
A pakistani college professor earns less than a primary schoolteacher in BD/India and in a few years our peons will earn more.
And that this why an Indian who earns more has worlds greatest Slums and You an Indian living in Ethiopia

Ugly monkeys can neve grow out of Shit mentality
The only pakistan`s agricultural department is concerned with is wheat, wheat, and wheat... so dont worry if we fall even further behind.... and than we wont even have enough wheat too!
Not official stores as far as I know. They import a lot of Pakistani brands through alternative means.
I heard they make knockoffs of Pakistani wedding dresses - Bangladeshis and Indians.
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