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Bc the exit from the motorway leading to murid n on to chakwal is in a pathetic state due to the fact the its being rebuild...but the rebuild process is unending....a car killer for sure......n the most pathetic thing is the fact that theirs a major nha office at exit.
Is this a new pattern .

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Lady, you want me to answer you if this old airplane is safe to fly? Just how in the world do you think it got to be this old?
-- Anonymous
It is ideal for saturation attacks against armor columns or even large structures such as dams. A pack of 6 Thunders can launch 10 400 AKGs and one HD-1A. That's some awesome firepower right there. Launched against a battery of S-400s, it will give them some work to do giving the more accurate HD-1 better chance to hit target.


If you see the posts around my post above, defence.pk was onto it much before the recent Indus Shield 2023.
It was just three years ago, in 2020, that Pak
istan became its first foreign buyer of the jet, with an order of 25 J-10Cs – which was followed by an additional order of 11 aircraft the following year. To date, Islamabad has received 20 of the fighters over the past two years.

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