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Apr 24, 2007
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News Asia-Pacific:

1. Thailand to buy 12 JAS-39C/D Gripens and 2 Saab Eri-eye AEW systems for US 1.08 Billion. Gripens will replace the ageing F-5E/Fs of the RTAF. the Lockheed-Martin F-16 and the Sukhoi SU-30 were also short-listed before settling on the Gripen.

2. More details emerge on secretive chinese WZ-10 attack helicopter:
powered by two 1,531 shp P&WC PT6C-67C turbo shaft engines with Full Authority Digital Engine Control(FADEC). although some sources suggest that up to eight trials WZ-10s may now have been built, only three flying prototypes have been confirmed. (Z10-01, 02 and 03). maiden flights on April 23, 2003. in 2001 China asked Denal to purchase one helicopter (Rooivalk) suggesting it was to be used for reverse engineering and therefore the sales was blocked.weapons planned for the WZ-10 appear to be largely indigeneous like the new HJ-10 ATGM and older TY-90 SRAAMs.

3.India finalises plans for 40 more SU-30MKIs:
clearence has been given for the US $ 1.6 Billion deal to purchase 40 SU-30MKIs from Russia for the IAF. the additional 40 SU-30MKIs will give the IAF a fleet of 230 SU-30MKIs. the indian govt has asked HAL to complete the delivery of these aircraft by 2013-14 instead of the originally planned 2016-17

4. HAL to upgrade IN Sea-Kings:
clearence has been given to upgrade 18 of the IN Seaking 42/42B ASW helicopters under a $ 200 mill programme. IN originally purchased 43 Seakings but were grounded due to sanctions imposed after the 1998 nuclear tests.

5. Pakistan takes over Bell 412EPs:

already reported in land forces section.
Not much news on Pakistan except for the following 2 small items:

1. passing through shannon airport, ireland on november 5 was new production Gulfstream G450 N490GA (c/n 4090). it was on its delivery flight to the PAF with which it will be serialled J-756. the a/c had arrived directly from the Gulfstream Aerospace factory at savannah, georgia and had been scheduled to make a fuel stop at gardermoen, norway, but instead made a weather diversion to shannon. it wore full PAF colours but had the US civil registration taped over its PAF serial for the delivery flight.the PAF already has a single Gulfstream IV SP in service. J-755 (c/n 1258) that was delivered in Dec 2005 and is operated by N0. 3 SQDN at chaklala.

2. Upgraded Hinds:(very interesting article). the author Alexander Miladenov has listed 51 world-wise Mi-24 operators including Pakistan Army Aviation Corps.
Q- does the PAA operate the Mi-24?. the only information i have is the defection by AAF Mi-24s in the mid-80s. both the a/c are parked at quetta's samugli air-base in non-flyable condition!
Any Comments please!
there are no Hind type helicopter ever seen flown by Army. But, yes i hav seen pictures on Pakaviation.com, of Hinds in PAF markings.
If you go to PAF Faisal, you will see a junked Mi-24 hind, in the far backyard. I have it in the gallery. Check it out. PA operated them for sometime, but lack of spares leaded them to be unoperatable.
AFM News for the month of Feburary:

1. Jan 2-08, Pakistan Army - AH - 1 Cobra: crash landed near Thal, Parachinar, due to technical malfunction during a routine operational flight. the 2 crew escaped unharmed.

2. Dec 15-07. PAF - Chengdu F-7P: crashed near Samundri (Faisalabad), eastern punjab after the pilot had ejected due to a technical problem during a operational training mission.

3. Saudi Arabia buying Russian Helicopters?: sources in the region indicate that SA signed a MoU during mid-september in riyadh for the proposed purchase of 150 helicopters worth US$ 2.2 billion. they will comprise a mix of Mi-8, Mi-17 and Mi-35 attack helicopters.

4. Indian Army helicopter deal scrapped: India's defence ministry is confirming that a deal that had been all but finalised with Eurocopter for 197 AS 550 Fennec helicopters has been scrapped.

5. Pakistan F-16 order goes ahead: Lockheed Martin was awarded a US$ 498.2 Mill contract on Dec 31 through the USAF's 312 AESF/PKA at wright-patterson AFB, Ohio for the procurement via the FMS process of 18 F16C/D blk 52 aircraft for the PAF.
the order is split between 12 single-seat F16Cs and 6 twin-seat F16Ds while options are still held on a further 18 aircraft. LM also announced that Pak had ordered 18 SATPods for the aircraft. delivery of all 18 F-16s is scheduled for completion by november 2010.

6. RoKAF looking for A-37B buyers: defence officials in RoK announced that both Pakistan and Peru have shown interest in the RoKAF now retired Cessna A-37Bs. Pakistan has said that it was interested in purchasing A-37B engine spares while Peru was interested in buying the aircraft.

7.a very detailed article on India's MiG Complex at Nasik with some very nice pictures of various activities.
India's MiG Complex at Nasik

A breif information about this would be appreciated.

Any who..

So total number of F-16s planned are?

18 New F-16 Block 50+
18 New F-16 Block 50+ (Option, but not ordered)
36 F-16 Block 15+ with few Block 40+.

Any other orders? Can anybody confirm the old F-16s we are getting. What was the number?
A breif information about this would be appreciated.

Any who..

So total number of F-16s planned are?

18 New F-16 Block 50+
18 New F-16 Block 50+ (Option, but not ordered)
36 F-16 Block 15+ with few Block 40+.

Any other orders? Can anybody confirm the old F-16s we are getting. What was the number?

36 in hand
24 in the process of upgrade and delivery(mix of blk 15 and 40)
36 new
96 total (5.3 sqdns)
the original plan was 108 a/c (6 sqdns) so expect additional used F-16s to cover this gap.
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