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Maryam Aurangzeb Interview with Sky News

when daddu charger sits down for an interview with sky news
(I know she is a woman politician so it's messed to make fun of her for her appearance but goddamn it, She along with MNS are annoying as hell)

The funniest part was when the interviewer mentioned not everyone was burning ambulances and she responds with


0 PR training.

Also why do you think its messed up to make fun of female politicians? If they are bad and incompetent like Kamala Harris they should be made fun of.
no, didn't you see Ishaq Dar interview ....lol ... no soft ball...

I know, but what's the point of paying British news channels to do interviews if they won't give you softball questions?

It seems as if British media is more impartial and a bit more favorable towards Imran Khan.

American liberal woke media had to report the facts out of necessity, but is more favorable towards Bilawal as shown by the Daily Show.

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