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Islamabad needs a new Stadium near the scenic mountains

What Islamabad needs is a state of the art library overlooking the mountains. We need to be spending on things that matter instead of cricket. Our nation is more interested in cricket these days instead of education. That’s one of the main reasons Pakistan no longer produces intellectuals. Turn on the tv in Pakistan and you only see three things. 60% news channels 20% low grade drama channels and 20% sports channel of which majority only show cricket.
you missed out mujra dancers.
It should be a hybrid type of stadium that can accommodate cricket, and also a future Pakistani NFL franchise.
As well as football (soccer).

But building a stadium should come after the economic problems are dealt with, and the stadium can fund at least its own maintenance.
What happened to this?

There is news that a new state of the art Islamabad Cricket Stadium will be built in front of the picturesque Margalla Hills, but due to political situation in country keep changing the construction plans.

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