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Wingspan: 26m

Turboprop engine

I don't like that crevasse on the body under the intake but it's not a deal breaker.
IRAN , The most sanctioned nation in the world , is the graveyard of all US Empire and Israeli drones.. Now they are the only nation with combat tested drone warfare capability , second to russia and china.

The reason US always boast of invading iran and then peddle back , is because they knew ther iranian will inflict HEAVY LOSSES on all US assets not just in the region but in far away land like in diego garcia and on CONUS itself. US infrastructure already weak and their industrial parks are defenseless.. Iran can destroy majority of US chemical and refinery complex and the LNG ports thus crippling US energy independence easily without going to open warfare

every time US tried to provoke iran , they got a black eye .. and they are too scare to retaliate.. even now planeloads of KIA/WIA US soldiers from syria and iraq are flown to US bases in europe for medical treatment due to severe wounds inflicted by iraqi and syrian freedom fighters.. It is safe to say iran helped these groups in training and weapons and the result showed how weak US really is

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