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This might help answer some Q's from someone who knows much more than me.
Not bad,
They may have changed the airframe given the last images we've seen of it was a manned version which never got anywhere years ago. I hope they did.

What i'd like to see is this thing turning into the next gen Karrar if this project actually goes to completion. You'd have to make 4 varriants of a Karrar to perform 4 different roles, turn this into a platform that combines all roles into 1 and do them better. That's my ideal situation.
my take is that they are keeping this project alive just to avoid admitting failure, because 10 years ago people laughed at it (myself included) and to this day people are laughing at it
( go to 53:00)

had they not make it public, they would have cancelled this project years ago.
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Shahid 147 with Turboprop engine

Shahed 139
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Shahed-147's new engine enables it to reach a flight ceiling of 60,000 ft / 18,000 m, significantly higher than any other Iranian drone seen to date

Shahed-147 is a turboprop powered HALE drone with 26m wingspan and carries a SAR (visible in photo below)

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