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Iranian Chill Thread

That is also the case in Islamic law, so long as the individual does not act on the feelings, it is considered their personal or inner jihad.
On a related subject, I have never heard of this "inner jihad" concept from shia akhoonds, rather from western based sunni dawa activists and maybe someone like Mufti Abu Layth. Is this just something told to westerners who are curious about Islam or is the concept of inner jihad older and have basis in the old countries?
in islam , both Shia and sunni is a greater Jihad whicj is fighting with what is called Nafs-e-Ammareh
I think its translated as The Inciting Nafs , its something like lower self and base instinct

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edit i think this is Iraq map
since when Lors , become Kurds!
or its Oil grab map ?

شهری در کانادا که مردمانش فارسی صحبت می‌کنند!

مطالعات آماری در کانادا نشان می‌دهد که علاوه بر انگلیسی، زبان فارسی نیز در شهر ونکوور رایج است.

یکی از کاربران توئیتر با انتشار تصویر زیر نوشت: من الان متوجه یه چیز عجیب شدم و اونم اینه که جنوب وست ونکوور زبان اول فارسی هست نه انگلیسی!!!!


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