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Iranian Chill Thread


Dec 9, 2011
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Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Iran, Islamic Republic Of
This thread is for our Iranian members who wants asks simple questions like "who's the guy in your avatar, which city do you live in, which team do you support". We can also talk about Iranian Cuisine, Culture, Tv shows, Domestic news.

If you want to ask a off-topic question like the ones as i mentioned above while you are discussing in a specific topic, do it here by mentioning. Thus we won't be polluting our threads.

For language; "We can use Persian but we'll also have to use English to inform other non-Persian members."
How many types of قهوه do you guys have there in Iran?
And which type is usually liked or commonly served?
Agha joon - ghalion amadeh hast :partay:

Bah Bah Bah ... mibinam ke az khadamaate dodo dam nahaayate estefaade ro mibarid !!!
Ok guys, you can talk in English and Persian here, about whatever you want, but, only and only here.
In any other place in this section, English language should be used, so I have to be more strict since warnings have not been enough. Do not use non-English language in any other thread. Also, do not insult anyone here, even in Persian, or I'll have to close the thread and issue infractions.
Sorry for being too strict, but I have to follow the rules too. :P
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