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Private sector

PT Caputra Batam launched 2 PC 60 ship/boat Today. The design is similar with KCR 60 meter designed and produced by PT PAL Indonesia ( currently 8 vessels are in service).

The different is just PC 60 ship doesnt use missile, and will only be armed with missile during emergency/war situation.

There are KCR 40 missile boats as well, the number in service is 17 vessels

Pindad Anoa APC





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State owned company

PT INKA, train manufacturer, made small container that can be used by small and medium size companies to transport their goods/fishery products

The commitment of Jokowi for all ministry to prioritize local products is strong

State owned company

Pindad Badak

State owned company

PT PAL Indonesia
will build additional production workshops for complete submarine building program in PT PAL Indonesia facility.




KRAS Will Increase Ownership in Krakatau Posco to 50%​

MARKET - Monica Wareza, CNBC Indonesia
21 January 2022 10:10


Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia - State-owned steel producer PT Krakatau Steel Tbk (KRAS) will increase its ownership in a joint venture (JV) with Posco, PT Krakatau Posco (PTKP) to 50%. This increase in ownership will be carried out by adding capital to the company.

Based on the disclosure of information released by the company, the capital to be added is in the form of land and a hot strip mill (HSM) 2 factory and all equipment, facilities, infrastructure or other things standing on the land.

After this transaction, Krakatau Steel's ownership in PTKP will increase to 50% non-controlling, from the current 30% ownership position and 70% ownership in Posco.

The company with Posco and PTKP have signed a Memorandum of In-Kind Transaction Procedure Agreement (MITPA) on December 31, 2021 for the proposed transaction.

The total value for this proposed transaction is US$ 265 million or around Rp. 3.78 trillion (assuming an exchange rate of Rp. 14,300/US$). Later, Krakatau Steel will acquire 422,800 new Series B shares with a nominal value of US$ 166 with a total value of US$ 70.18 million.

In this asset transfer, KRAS will also transfer its debts worth US$ 246.98 million or Rp. 3.53 trillion to PTKP. Because currently the HSM2 facility is being pledged as collateral to Commerzbank-AKA.

With this transaction, the company will benefit from a decrease in the value of liabilities and an increase in share ownership as well as additional income from this joint venture.

In addition, PTKP will also receive cash compensation of US$ 90 million (Rp 1.28 trillion) which will be used for restructuring and supporting working capital as well as obtaining non-cash compensation in the form of eliminating derivative obligations in article 3.4 of the Cooperation Agreement (JVA).

Completion of this transaction will wait for a number of requirements, starting from the approval of the Krakatau Steel, POSCO and PTKP corporations, approval of Krakatau Steel and PTKP creditors, PTKP's due diligence on the HSM #2 Facility, and JVA amendments.

Krakatau Steel

Krakatau Posco

State owned company and foreign owned company

Krakatau Posco to Build US$3.7 Billion New Plant​

By Editorial Team 04/04/2022


Previous years news

Krakatau Steel, Posco South Korea to Realize Rp53tn Investment Next Year​



Ririe Ranggasari​


Laila Afifa​

21 September 2021 20:25 WIB

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Krakatau Steel and Pohang Iron and Steel Company—or Posco—from South Korea will realize US$3.7 billion worth of new investments or around Rp53 trillion next year. President director Silmy Karim said that the purpose of this investment is to pursue the steel cluster production target.

"A steel cluster [with a capacity of] up to 10 million tons [per year] will be realized in 2022," Silmy said in a video from the Presidential Secretariat's YouTube channel on Tuesday, September 21.

The investment comprises US$700 million for increasing the production capacity of hot rolled coin (HRC) derivatives and US$3 billion for adding steel production facilities on the upstream side.

Silmy said that, in five years from 2014, steel consumption per capita in Indonesia continued to grow from 50 kilograms per year to 71 kilograms per year, or at a rate of 40 percent.

As one of the steps to increase production capacity, Krakatau Steel has just completed the construction of its Hot Strip Mill 2 (HSM 2) factory. Located in Cilegon, the factory—built with an investment of US$521 million—began operating in 2021 with a production capacity of 1.5 million tons of HRC.

State owned company

PT WIKA Industri and Konstruksi

EV Motorcycle


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State owned company

PT Boma Bisma Indra
( Heavy Industry and Engine manufacturer )

Private owned company

(Heavy Industry and power plant builder)

Finishing building Poso Hydro powerplant in Poso, Central Sulawesi island and Malea Hydro powerplant in Toraja, South Sulawesi, in February 2022

Manufacturing steel bridge

Manufacturing Garbarata (Aerodrome)

State owned company

PT Pertamina, an energy company, will upgrade 5 existing refineries with total investment around 20 billion USD which will add the production capacity from 1 million barrel of oil per day into 2 million barrel per day. The upgrade also will allow the refineries to process all kind of oil types and improve the gasoline quality into Euro 5. One of the refinery which is Balikpapan refinery will complete the upgrading in May and can get Russian oil.

PT Pertamina will also build new refinery in Tuban which cost is 190 trillion Rupiah ( 12 billion USD). If completed, it can produce around 300.000 barrel of gasoline/diesel fuel per day and produce chemical product around 3600 ton per day.

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05 APRIL 2022

Indonesia establishes consortium to reverse engineer anti-ship missile​

by Ridzwan Rahmat

An Indonesian consortium mainly comprising state-owned enterprises has been established to reverse engineer an anti-ship missile type with a view of establishing the capability in-country.

The consortium is led by the Indonesian Ministry of Defense's (MoD's) Directorate for Technology and Defense Industry and includes state-owned enterprises namely aerospace company PT Dirgantara Indonesia, defence electronics enterprise PT Len, explosives manufacturer PT Dahana, and heavy vehicles and ammunition producer PT Pindad.

Meanwhile, the two private enterprises that have been named as part of the consortium are defence software company PT Mulia Laksana Utama and unmanned aerial vehicles manufacturer PT Aero Terra Indonesia. An agreement to formalise the consortium was signed on 1 April, the Indonesian MoD said in a statement on 2 April.

Among matters that were formalised include the scope of work that each company will be involved in and the tests and certification processes that will be carried out at various stages of the weapon's dismantling.

“We hope that the mastering of this technology will eventually lead to the existence of an indigenous anti-ship missile industry and the ability to produce the weapon in-country to support the armed forces' objectives of preserving the country's sovereignty,” the MoD said in the statement.

The MoD statement stopped short of disclosing the type of missiles that will be involved in the reverse engineering process. However, an image accompanying its statement closely resembled the C-705 medium-range anti-ship missile manufactured by China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC).


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