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Indian Social Media Barbarity, Sycophancy and Lechery - Megathread

Hindu Social Media is speculating that the recent devastating train crash in Orissa was due to Muslims. Major Hindu influence and journalist accounts involved in this trend:




Other Hindus celebrating the deaths of Muslims in the train crash:

What can expect from pajeets. These smelly incels are obsessed with us Pakistanis for some strange reasons.
Hindu hacker steals data from a lady's undergarment website and threatens the company to sell the data if not paid in Crypto.

He ALSO then publicly shares this information on social media, but does so pretending that the data is being sold by Love Jihadists to Muslim countries and not by himself. Police investigate his post and find out he was the hacker.

Case study in self-destructive radical Poojari obsession with Muslims and stupidity.

Article on his arrest:

His social media post crying about Love Jihad:

Nepali tourist to Delhi posts online about the sexual harassment his sister experienced right in front of him during his trip to India. Indians start sending him hate messages and death threats, forcing him to delete his account. His post is still up on Reddit:
Radical Zeetni sees a photo of a rock in Ireland, says it was an ancient Shiv 🍆. 1000 years from now if their barbaric way of life still exists, they will claim toys for women found across the world as proof of Shiv 🍆 being revered by the entire world.

This is why.. if you ever have the chance, Knock these vermin out and bang their hoes.

Encourage your kids to get into martial arts, encourage them to knock out pajeets at schools and universities.
Hindus celebrate the death of a 5 month old Rohingya baby in Jammu


Hindus on social media app Telegram are creating channels to distribute footage of rape and sexual abuse carried out by Meitei Hindus against Christians in Manipur. Look at the subscriber count on these channels
Footage of a cow attacking and almost killing a Muslim girl is shared online:

Chindus celebrate and try to explain why the cow was somehow justified in this act:







Chindus are the only people who will simultaneously run around raping cows but also justify humans being killed at their behest.
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