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Indian Social Media Barbarity, Sycophancy and Lechery - Megathread


Mar 10, 2023
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4-year old Palestinian boy dies of a panic attack during Israeli raids. Pajeets celebrate his death with glee and joy:




counter-battery fire

Indian.Muslim.Tweets about Politics and Social Issues.Documenting cases of Hate Crime, Mob Lynching, Islamophobia in India.


gets pretty brutal out there on the social media battlefield.
Pajeet posts video of two Imran Khan supporting British Pakistani women. Pajeets unleash their lechery and perverted mindset in the replies:

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Tripathi is bhaiyya surname. North Indian Bhaiyyas have low standard that's true. Fat face , protruding nose + ugly eyes 3/10. Heavy make up still looks ugly.

These bhaiyyas were even lusting for that tranny Veena Malik. Sterlize all bhaiyyas for the sake of Humanity.
Degenerates no wonder these perverts are seen as the biggest losers when it comes to women.
If you read this article on the DRDO scientist who was recently arrested for sharing defense secrets with the ISI, you'll find that all the ISI needed to do was send the guy nudes and he'd forward them all the information they needed.
According to sources, Kurulkar received the message: “This beautiful Indian girl from London is a great admirer of the work you’re doing for India” sometime in June or July of last year. Kurulkar reportedly told the agency that he was unaware that the woman was from Pakistan and that he shared information with her because he was feeling lonely at the age of 59. He believed that the woman was genuinely interested in his work and was flattered by her admiration. Kurulkar apparently thought that by exchanging information with her, he could educate her, and in return, engage in sexting with her.
“Hundreds of such calls took place, but the shocking part is that Kurulkar was never threatened and he kept sharing information voluntarily while the woman continued to send him pictures of herself in the nude. Taking advantage of his loneliness, she made him talk until late in the night,” a source said.

Literally a nation of sad and lonely perverts.
Currently viral on Hindu social media:
Pajeetni proudly talks about how she refused to give a thirsty Muslim girl a glass of water and vows to do the same for any Muslim going forward.

So what? A bunch of angry people wanting to provoke emotional reactions out of others are taking to social media, and then what?

Besides the Palestinians are so insignificant to Indians that hating on them will get Indians nothing. Like literally nothing.

Degenerates no wonder these perverts are seen as the biggest losers when it comes to women.

Degenerates are in many more nationalities than just Indians. Not meaning to excuse the behavior of some perverted Indians.
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