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Honoring our Martyrs


Date of Shahadat 18 Sep 2015, Martyred while bravely fighting against terrorists who attack PAF Base Badaber




Three PAF Airmen who embraced shahadat while valiantly fighting against the terrorists.
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8 July .. Death Anniversary of Lieutenant Colonel Haroon Islam , from Pakistan Army's Special Service Group (also known as Black Storks) who was martyred during Operation Silence. He was a commanding officer of the Operation Silence while commanding the 7th Commando Battalion. He was martyred in a fierce fighting which took place inside the Red Mosque Complex while leading a small team of SSG members. The joint team of Special Services Group and Army Rangers successfully took over the complex
Captain Muhammad Iqbal Khan from Pakistan Special Forces, SSG (3rd Commando Powindah Battalion) was born, on the 15th of November, 1960 in a small village called Pushtoon Garhi, in the District Nowshera, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa of Pakistan. He joined the Pakistan army in 1982. On September, 1987 he was sent to Siachen, which is the world's highest battlefield. He led a company consisting of twelve soldiers. He always wanted to embrace Martyrdom. While fighting the enemy, he was severely wounded, but he kept moving forward. He kept climbing the steep mountains of Siachen with a gun in one hand and holding himself with the other. The enemy kept shooting at him
Hamare shaheedon ka noor to dekho :')
We can only say words for them , they will truly be honored on the day of judgment when they will be rewarded for what they did.
Atleast everyone recite sura Fateha for all of them once.
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