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Historical evidences for the arguments as to what sort of Pakistan the founding fathers wanted

I wanted to open up a thread where we could present historical evidence for the arguments related to what sort of Pakistan the founding fathers (primarily Jinnah and Iqbal for now) wanted. Clearly, we do have disagreements on this topic. So I wanted to create a thread where we could discuss this seriously with primary source evidences.

So for this thread, I suggest we can open up a couple of different streams/ threads where we present primary source evidences on the particular topics. Feel free to open up separate threads if you want to explore other themes in this topic but link them to this thread so that we know that it should follow the rules we set up here.

1) we want to quote only primary sources. If the primary source doesn’t exist publicly, we want to quote the closest secondary source that talks about the primary source you are referring to. If possible, link the primary source web link, if available. The goal is to remain as close to the source as possible that can be easily verified publicly. You can ofc however link context around sources or events however.

2) feel free to use studies but do not post the studies as primary sources. You can quote the primary source reference in the study and then say that you find the reference for this in said secondary source study.

3) feel free to posit an opinion and question a source or say why you think that said source is unreliable. Please keep said opinions polite however. Ultimately reader will judge based on evidence provided.

4) please link the above three rules and this main thread in separate threads that we open to explore these themes.

A little introduction of yourself would be nice.
From extensive readings, as well as my constant observations of Pakistani state, the idea of Pakistan "Land of the Pure" looks rather spacy and highly impractical since Pakistan is one of the most corrupt governments on God's green earth. The original pioneers were great people with Platonic intentions, but according to the idiom, and I quote: The path to hell is paved with good intentions", and that's what Pakistan looks like currently.

Unfortunately for the Pakistani people, Pakistan is neither Pak, nor Islamic but has been an outpost for the US since its inception, a colony for the "KOFAR/KAFER". Frankly, Pakistan is a failed state and there is no prospect for the future due to the widespread chronic corruption in the armed forces, political class, and the fragmentation of its society, as well as, lack of leadership that could reform the crumbled system.

For the past seven decades Pakistanis put up with consecutive regimes all of which failed to deliver any good to the nation. I guess Pakistanis just given up hope to reform the system since the Army doesn't allow any real leader to take charge or establish a true representative government from the people for the people. Army leaders resemble Sicilian Mafia bosses, as they are all super rich with unlimited power capable of quashing anyone challenging their perpetual iron-clad rule over Pakistan.

Compare to Hindustan "not so pure", Pakistan looks rather hopeless due to widespread poverty, cronyism, tribal loyalties, and its dependance on two contrasting regimes, the communist China, and the rotten regime of S. Arabia both of which use Pakistan as a proxy for their own geopolitical plans which facilitated by the Pakistani Armed forces, thus, either Pakistan dethrones the army commanders who are on Saudi, US, and Chines payroll or Pakistan stays as a failed state.

Firstly Hindustan is Pakistan because Hindustan means Indus land.

Secondly Pakistan's alliance with America was based on mutual interest rather than one acting on behest of the other.

India is a more hopeless situation than Pakistan. They spend over 70 million on rockets but can't spend that amount on population control and reduction.
Let us all agree on one thing and that one agreement will make our "Namaloon leaders" relax and they will stop initiating this kinds of debates.

our founding fathers wanted a "Faujistan state"

ab khush?

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