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General Bajwas Latest Revelations Part 1

My point was simply that however you look at it, the Fauj has become a problem, either due to institutional complicity in criminal and treasonous actions OR as a rogue, fragmented institution where the top leadership has no control.

Never in a million years I would have believed the latter to be true.

Sure, there are some one off incidents and ISI is sometimes acting very independently, but from this interview it seems it was a free for all!

But this interview was honestly shocking to me. But I think it's more Big B trying to save his ***.

Bro it just shows these guys have main character syndrome 😂

I don't know any other country whose former intelligence chiefs and retired generals are constantly in the media limelight even after they have retired. Most of them just live their private lives. We didn't see this with Musharraf and now Bajwa, both are/were massively attention seeking.

Kayani was the most honorable person post retirement.

Sahi hai paisa khaya bhai ko bhi khilaya, but he wasn't a loose cannon like this.
Question is - is he referring to a “hydra”(to quote pop culture) like organization within the Army he is referring to or individual semi-connected fiefdoms?

Either way, these are not only serious accusations but also are grave public material that can now be used to state “Pakistan’s nuclear capability is in danger because its military no longer has cohesive chain of command”

I am doubtful it can be as he is stating because he has an interest in trying to salvage his reputation but you never know. Between what Jango has been stating as inappropriate partying and excesses by individuals along with what we know of gross abuse and corruption by individuals of an already “abusive” system it may be lost.

I can state this much openly now - there are groomed Pakistan military individuals from their time as Captains to when they go all the way to stars by foreign agencies and they are both moles and agents for these agencies. There are significant numbers of them and the goal had always been to penetrate the Aabpara office and plant one there to eventually rise to the ranks. How successful it has been in that avenue I don’t know - but knowing Pakistani weakness (and overt hypocrisy ) for the benjamins I fear things may already be there.

That is a very important point that you raise...surely this behavior isn't restricted only to ISI but also seeps into other orgs like SPD, SIB etc.

As for your last para, I actually had full confidence a while back that the mechanisms in place are so strong that nothing like this could happen. But seeing these interviews, cases of Brigs being caught for spying, and the propensity of our politicians to look for quick gains rather than the bigger picture make me rethink about my confidence.

Dark times for the estab, and as Kayani has already told the current leadership, time to self introspect and take a step back. But unfortunately, when your military leadership resolves not to have elections and puts out a press release for that, it doesn't seem as if anyone listened to that advice.
With each interview its getting evident what a big scumbag this guy is and how hollow the army is.
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