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Evidence resurfaces of terrorists using leftover foreign weapons in Pakistan


Mar 21, 2007
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Evidence resurfaces of terrorists using leftover foreign weapons in Pakistan​

Pentagon says US delivered 427,300 weapons to Afghan military, of which 300,000 were left behind during withdrawal

April 26, 2024

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Fresh evidence of 'foreign weapons', reportedly believed to have been transported from Afghanistan to Pakistan, has once again surfaced, adding to concerns over regional security and its purported link to an increase in terrorism within the country.

Pakistan's ongoing battle against terrorism, spanning two decades, has been exacerbated by the presence of weapons allegedly left by the United States in Afghanistan. This factor is believed to be responsible for the recent surge in terrorism in the country.

Since the beginning of the year, security forces have conducted a series of intelligence-based operations (IBO) in various districts, resulting in the elimination of several terrorists and the recovery of a cache of foreign weapons from them.

In Khyber district on April 24 to 25, a crucial operation took place targeting suspected terrorists.

The intense exchange of fire led to the killing of at least three militants, including prominent terrorist figures, Sohail, also known as Azmato, and Haji Gul alias Zarqawi.

Security forces also conducted an operation on April 22 and 23 in Balochistan's Pishin district. During the operation, three terrorists were killed while one was apprehended in an injured state, identified as an Afghan national.

Earlier this month, on April 6, security forces carried out an IBO in North Waziristan, resulting in the death of two terrorists.

Security forces confiscated a substantial quantity of weapons in recent operations. These include M16/A4 rifles, AK-47s, and other armaments.

A foiled assault by Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) terrorists on the Gwadar Port Authority Complex took place on March 20.

In the course of the attack, the terrorists utilized foreign weaponry, which was later seized by security forces in their response.

In January, security forces engaged in operations in various districts, targeting militants who were attempting to infiltrate from Afghanistan.

In Zhob district, seven terrorists were killed on January 22, with weapons seized that included M16/A2 rifles and AK-47s.

As per the Pentagon, the US delivered a total of 427,300 combat weapons to the Afghan military. At least 300,000 of them were left behind at the time of the US forces' withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021.

This has resulted in an increase in terrorism in the region during the last two years.

Between 2005 and 2021, the US provided $18.6 billion in equipment to the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, the Pentagon said. After the US withdrawal, these weapons helped the TTP carry out cross-border terrorist attacks.

All these facts indicate that the Afghan regime is not only arming the TTP but also providing a haven to other terrorist organizations.

In response to recent terrorist incidents within Pakistan, the country has undertaken intelligence-driven anti-terror operations within Afghanistan. The operations targeted those responsible for attacks that claimed the lives of numerous civilian and law enforcement personnel.

Amidst the recent surge in terrorism, last month on March 20, the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) issued a statement declaring the premier's firm stance of zero tolerance towards any cross-border attacks.

#Arshad Sharif

They left all this "property of US Govt" on purpose.
Not just left randomly, rather handed to the exact folks to cause damage to Pak-Watan.

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They attacked 8:25PM, and the District Health Officers office (DHO) in which they held up was probably vacant at that time of the night.

@4:03 only one criminal entered perimeter wall and was killed on spot.

@6:30 the criminal's sniper/s on top of the plaza caused significant damage & hindered approach of reinforcement/QRF.

@19:00 BRAS constituted in 2018 = BLA + BLF + BRA (+ TTP).

@19:35 Indian embassy regularly paying money to these groups in Balochistan under the garb of humanitarian aid ... Thanks for letting us know officer :hitwall:.

@26:30 CPEC se "Sardari Nizam Challange Hoe raha Hay" ... implying that Sardars may be helping these criminals at some level to sabotage CPEC and keep their hegemony going?

@27:26 Two three out of total six were locals, rest were not. Not sure if local refers to the town or to Pakistan!
Hold on a sec. The image released by criminal org showed 9 men right? Is it possible that 2-3 were captured alive but are being kept secret?

@27:40 Operation continued for 3 days/72 hours (I read some members on this forum bickering over and trying to prove that operation did not last 72 hours, all of them can settle this now. In this video at least 4 times Brig Saqib (@20:30) and Arshad mentioned that operation lasted 72 hours/3 days).

@27:50 they were well trained compared to other local criminals groups. Especially criminal's sniper was very well trained & effective (@10:00).

@29:40 1st QRF arrived in 30min at 9PM. Fire was coming from 3 directions. From windows of DHO office, the roof, and the plaza nearby (sniper was on plaza roof @34:47).

@32:38 This soldier fired warning shots just after initial car explosion, and then the criminals opened fire. Could it be that criminal had planned to jump the perimeter wall silently while all were focused at the main gate site, but this soldiers warning shots made the criminals think that they were spotted and hence opened fire BEFORE scaling the perimeter wall? If that's the case then the action of this soldier might have prevented a possible hostage situation!
He stayed at OP
(observation post?) for 2 days and then SSG took over his position.

@53:03 plaza (sniper) was cleared on 1st morning. Then they held up in DHO building. Then in dairy farm.

Some soldiers died while trying to evacuate the injured soldiers.
Others died because criminals were seeing all their movements with night vision goggles (@10:15).
Date of attack was 2-2-22. 2-Feb-2022. Could this date be chosen merely for the 2222.

My question: with quite large windows of the DHO office where all of them were cornered by the 1st morning, why it took another 2 days?
Does FC/QRS not have any explosives that could have been fired into those windows?
Or could it be that there was an attempt to capture them alive so that they could further divulge about their handlers?

Then probably there was a desire to take them alive. Otherwise taking another 2 days won't make sense.
Because according to interviews, the plaza was cleared on 1st morning and they were cornered to those 4 window DHO office. And it was surrounded too.

Who knows a couple of them may have been captured alive because this video mentions six in total but the image released by BRAS showed 9 men!! I think.
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