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That is somewhere in Israel.

lol, my bad, bro. That was why I asked because I never knew of any example of Israel capturing an Egyptian M-60A3 loool, but obviously I didn't read the entire quote you posted where you did explain that it was "an example" or ERA and not the actual Egyptian one. Sorry for not paying complete attention to your post!
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ST-100 variants











It has alot of verstility and the best one is the one with the precision attack missiles but in the next decade or 2 we could be able to see more verstile AVs that can shift in one single unit meaning one unit has many variants and also the variant that comes with the loitering munition is not bad either but I prefer like EGDE's idea where every soldier has his own loitering munition
The Systems to be improved Abrams or to be made in Egypt T-90-MS and BUK-MB3K medium range SAM system

An APS is also in the making..it can be like Arena, Zoslon or even Afghanit..
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Wait.. we Produce MP5 , UMP and SiG556??
If so can you provide source thanks for the big effort
Only MP5 and SiG556 are used by Egyptian special forces but not made in Egypt..
Actually made under licence in Egypt as everything you see listed on this thread.. there are so many other products and systems used by the EAF that are not listed here..for the simple reason they are not made in Egypt under license or otherwise.. so yes..MP5, UMP and SiG556 are made under license in Egypt.. not all of their varieties though.. just the basic ones..
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I don't know if you remember the first time that appeared in one of the videos or pics I posted on the Armed Forces thread and asked about it. The great thing is that they're taking electronic warfare very seriously and many people don't realize that the Egyptian Army was utilizing EW going way back to the war of attrition and have tremendous experience with it. Now with all the ToT out there, they can jump 6 steps ahead and build some very powerful domestic systems.

Yes absolutely..
Rockets and missiles of all kinds for tanks, artillery and mortars:

- Mortar shells of all calibers, up to 120 mm, with different heads, including anti-personnel gatherings, and including anti-instruments

-120 mm BM-21 missile with different warheads

- Grad rocket, caliber 122

- Thermal booby traps (Burkan) used especially on Egyptian ships to deceive missiles

- Grad missile, caliber 107 mm

- Maadi 40mm grenade launcher

- Saqr 18: with a range of 18 km

- Saqr 36: with a range of 36 km

- Saqr 40: a range of 40 km

- Saqr 45: has the best 122mm rocket with a range of 45 km

- Saqr 80: With a range of 80 km, it is inspired by the Russian K52 Luna-M9 system ..And, larger ranges appeared in Egypt, with large rockets reaching 227 mm

- RPG projectiles with multiple heads, including the Cobra Tandem, with high penetration power

- TOW anti-tank missiles

- Upgraded Malyutka missiles

- A missile system for passive obstruction with thermal and radar quality

- Fateh systems to open gaps in minefields (Fateh 1-2-3-4-5) System 1-5 anti-tank mines and the rest of the systems for anti-personnel mines

- Swingfire anti-tank missiles

- Dana cannon caliber (122-130-155-115-120) mm

- All kinds of rocket fuel ..solid and liquid

- "Meteor Sky" systems that guide the BM-21 122 missiles, so that the warhead when separated from the missile body is directed vertically at the target,.. these missiles are precision strike ones..

- Missile components such as engines, starters and time-balls


-The medium-range missile ALBadr

- Smoke bombs and smoke screens for vehicles and obstruction of laser-guided weapons

- Electric missiles launched from small boats to attack land targets MUOTTEC

- Tank shells caliber 105-115-120 mm

- KEW-A2 TUNGSTEN tank shells jointly developed by Egypt and the US

- Shells for weapons of all calibers

- Ballistic missiles, Project T, Hwasong 6 and No Dong
any links or photos for the MUOTTEC
The strongest local military industries for the Egyptian Army / Egyptian Army 2022-2023
Keep up the great work, SC bro. :tup: Don't think it goes unappreciated ya Basha.

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