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Egyptian Military Industries & Products

If Egypt tries developing indigenous tank AIO should be able to supply a majority of optics if not them all.

Thermal imagers

It could likely modernize M-60s for export with new thermals for target engagement and a RWS.

The Israeli upgrade for the Turkish military

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Egyptian Misr Assault Rifle in many variants:


AIM-7 Sparrow for both Skyguard Amoun and F16


AIM-9 Sidewinder as seen on the MIM-72 Chaparral and also the Variant for the F-16


Crotale air Defense system locally Produced and Upgraded in Egypt with Cooperation with France

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Tayer el-sabah air defence Missile upgraded licensed version of S-75 Volga, Using Fan Song and and Spoon Rest Radars in order to Operate under jamming circumstances and It can track up to 6 Targets


Night Vision, Thermal Sights And GPS systems made by AIO


Ranger HRC Surveillance System licensed Produced by AIO ( Arab international optronics)

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Egyptian Integrated Soldier System EISS 21st Century Soldier System 1st version upgraded continuously..



Sinai 200 APC


Egyptian Anti Drone Jammer AD-21


Egyptian GSY-22010 Wireless Blocking Station Electronic Warfare Department in Egypt Used it In Cyber Warfare against Terrorists in Sinai and the blocking reached Israel affecting on their phones as well


Egyptian LWR 2000 (Laser Warning Receiver) used on Tanks , APCs and MRAPs

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Meko A200 Frigate (As stipulated in the contract)


In the pipeline:

Falaj class OPV Missiles Crafts


Scorpene submarine

Egyptian Anti Drone Jammer AD-21

Now that is awesome! I believe @Philip the Arab had mentioned that on another post. This thing seems huge and probably has great range and brings down bigger drones than those little hand-held ones. Glad to see them working on new technology.

Egyptian GSY-22010 Wireless Blocking Station Electronic Warfare Department in Egypt Used it In Cyber Warfare against Terrorists in Sinai and the blocking reached Israel affecting on their phones as well


I don't know if you remember the first time that appeared in one of the videos or pics I posted on the Armed Forces thread and asked about it. The great thing is that they're taking electronic warfare very seriously and many people don't realize that the Egyptian Army was utilizing EW going way back to the war of attrition and have tremendous experience with it. Now with all the ToT out there, they can jump 6 steps ahead and build some very powerful domestic systems.

RHIB Produced in Egypt

First customer was Bangladesh that ordered something like 36 Egyptian-built RHIBs.

Scorpene submarine


I hope this deal goes through. As nice as the Type 209s are (and they're not that much smaller than the Scorpene actually), they still can't do as deep or as far as these as well as seek a separate supplier than one that is VERY close to Israel. So this is one of those early stage rumors that I hope comes to fruition. Good stuff SC bro keep up the good wok.
M-46-M1 130mm 6x6 SPH
M-46 130mm 6x6 SPH

122mm D-30 field gun

In 2016 Egypt demonstrated the new self-propelled howitzer M46-1M, mounted on a modified Ural truck chassis with the wheel formula 6X6. The M46-1M 130-mm field gun-howitzer, based on the famous Soviet 130mm M-46 gun, is mounted on an armored Ural-4320-1911-30. The self-propelled guns can be used not only with Soviet 130-mm towed howitzer M-46, but its Chinese copy of the Type 59-1. The new self-propelled howitzer M46-1M has a maximum range of more than 27 km.

The artillery system is installed on the Russian off-road truck Ural 6x6, which increases the mobility tools designed for fire support of infantry, special operations forces, as well as for use as a fire support border security forces. Egypt developed two types of Ural-based SPG, namely, armed with Soviet 130mm M-46 (or its Chinese copy designated as Type 59-1) and with Soviet/Russian 122mm D-30A gun. The national Armed Forces designated the first type as M46-1M and the second one as D-30M.

Both types of SPGs were revealed on May 3, 2016 during firing exercise of the Egyptian Armed Forces.
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TEMSAH series

ST-500 from the inside

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Falcon Group in cooperation with Unmanned Integrated Systems - Technology & Innovation Center UMIS-TIC

Unmanned Ground Vehicles UGV


Unmanned Ground Reconnaissance Vehicle

Remote Control Weapon Station
MTLB-V ground and coastal surveillance system. The system carries a radar with a range of up to 10 km for individuals, 30 km for vehicles and 50 km for boats.


AIO's D39 long range thermal imager

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