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Feb 13, 2012
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Products are limited to the needs of the Egyptian armed forces and some products may be exported..

Airplanes, air defense and armament:

- K8-E Egyptian version ..an advanced training aircraft
It is basically a Chinese product that was produced under license with 33 Egyptian modifications, such as the engine and the Avionics .......... etc.



ALPHA JET French training aircraft (UL)


Tucano trainer jet

- Aermacchi M 346 (in the pipeline)


- Gomheria basic training aircraft

- ASN-209 UAV..A Chinese Drone manufactured in Egypt and it has been developed to carry weapons..

- YARARA -CABURE .. Argentine reconnaissance drones



- SAHM family target Drones


- The Egyptian army starts the drone industry with (4) striking models

- Gazelle helicopter.. Egypt has made 110 of the Gazelle


- Manufacture of spare parts and maintenance of the Egyptian army attack and support Helicopters
Apache.. Chinook.. Blackhawk.. AW-149.. Kamov KA-52.. MIL MI-17.. MIL MI-8 .. MIL MI-24....

- Manufacture of spare parts of the Mirage 2000

- Manufacture of spare parts for the F-16 and the entire maintenance of its engine, also the manufacture of low-powered turbines for the engine in Egypt


- Rafale spare parts and maintenance


- Mig-29M/M2 spare parts and maintenance

- Nasr bombs for aerial bombardment.. the largest of them is the Nasr 9000 bomb, which is a fuel-air bomb that has a very high destructive power..


- EGB-1 & EGB-2 laser-guided bombs .. They are purely Egyptian-made bombs

- American MK family bombs

- Aircraft training bombs of all kinds

- Egyptian Air-to-ground rockets 68 mm and 70 mm

- Amon SKY GUARD air defense system with 8 AIM-7 Sparrow missiles

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- Two-dimensional radar AN/TP 63 AVI

- 2D radar YLC-6M

- Egyptian 2D radar EWR

- Egyptian advanced upgrade of the SAM2 Volga system



- Ain Saqr Manpad air defense system against low flying targets


- Egyptian Nile-23 & Sinai-23 SPAAG systems based on M-113 APC with ZPU-23


- BUK-MB3K Medium range air defence system


- Single, dual, and quadruple anti-air guns

- Anti Air field and anti-aircraft bombs

- Qaqaa bomb 250 kg

- Qader family target aircraft

- Aim-9 P3 & P4 air to air missile

- Fuel tanks for some aircraft, including the Mirage 2000

- A Chinese drone similar to the RQ-11

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- Microwave RL 420

- DELTA MAX channel download device

- Microwave PL 70 D

- Microwave Communication Device RL 421

- TRC 9100 . Walkie Talkie

- The CPX 200 is a high-capacity field central device

- A simulator for training on Konkurs anti-tank missiles

- TRC 9210 . Transceiver

- Transceiver TRC9310

- RL 424 HC with a data flow rate of 512 - 1024 - 2048 - 8448 kbit/s

- CPX 200 . device

- Field shunt SB-130

- Switch field CD-116

- Field phone FT 306

- BLC 210 . field phone

- Boards for electronic devices, braids for military products, braids for vehicles and aircraft, for example the K8-E plane

- Systems for detection and destruction of all types of mines (magnetic and electronic)

- Night vision systems for individuals and vehicles

- GPS systems for individuals

- M-60 A3 tank fire control system

- The T-62 tank's fire control system

- "Miles" Combat simulator system for individuals and tanks

- IFF systems for aircraft and air defense

- Robots for detecting mines and multi-purpose robots

- Ground surveillance radars for individuals and vehicles

- Electro-optical surveillance systems for borders and facilities

- Soldiers of the twenty-first century system

- Sight systems and electro-optical systems, whether on the ground or in the air.. manufactured by the Arab International Optical Company, which is affiliated with the military production (AIO Arab International Optronics).

- C4I and C5I and related satellites..
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Rockets and missiles of all kinds for tanks, artillery and mortars:

- Mortar shells of all calibers, up to 120 mm, with different heads, including anti-personnel gatherings, and including anti-instruments

-120 mm BM-21 missile with different warheads

- Grad rocket, caliber 122

- Thermal booby traps (Burkan) used especially on Egyptian ships to deceive missiles

- Grad missile, caliber 107 mm

- Maadi 40mm grenade launcher

- Saqr 18: with a range of 18 km

- Saqr 36: with a range of 36 km

- Saqr 40: a range of 40 km

- Saqr 45: has the best 122mm rocket with a range of 45 km

- Saqr 80: With a range of 80 km, it is inspired by the Russian K52 Luna-M9 system ..And, larger ranges appeared in Egypt, with large rockets reaching 227 mm

- RPG projectiles with multiple heads, including the Cobra Tandem, with high penetration power

- TOW anti-tank missiles

- Upgraded Malyutka missiles

- A missile system for passive obstruction with thermal and radar quality

- Fateh systems to open gaps in minefields (Fateh 1-2-3-4-5) System 1-5 anti-tank mines and the rest of the systems for anti-personnel mines

- Swingfire anti-tank missiles

- Dana cannon caliber (122-130-155-115-120) mm

- All kinds of rocket fuel ..solid and liquid

- "Meteor Sky" systems that guide the BM-21 122 missiles, so that the warhead when separated from the missile body is directed vertically at the target,.. these missiles are precision strike ones..

- Missile components such as engines, starters and time-balls


-The medium-range missile ALBadr

- Smoke bombs and smoke screens for vehicles and obstruction of laser-guided weapons

- Electric missiles launched from small boats to attack land targets MUOTTEC

- Tank shells caliber 105-115-120 mm

- KEW-A2 TUNGSTEN tank shells jointly developed by Egypt and the US

- Shells for weapons of all calibers

- Ballistic missiles, Project T, Hwasong 6 and No Dong
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Ground forces:

- M1A1 tank 95% locally made

- T-90 MS in the pipeline

- Complete upgrade of the M-60A3 tank

- Upgrades on the M113 armored vehicle, including an amphibious version and developments that include additional protection shields that are easy to disassemble and install

- Egyptian upgrade of the BMP-1 armored vehicle

- Egyptian engine with a capacity of 400 horsepower, capable of operating vehicles weighing 25 tons..V-shaped and eight-cylinder it is produced by Helwan Diesel Engine Company (HDEC).. At its Helwan plant, a family of diesel engines (2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 cylinder) are produced..


- Self-propelled gun M109

- M88 Armored rescue and repair for tanks

- The GH 52 APU cannon, 155 mm, with a range of 42 km, with an Egyptian development
And the manufacture of a self-propelled copy by integrating it to the T-55 chassis

- D-30 122mm cannon and integrating it onto the M109 chassis

- Ariegsa . unmanned special operations reconnaissance vehicle

- M60 tank-based mine loader

- The OSHKOSH HET tank transporter

- 130mm field cannon

- SIFV armored personnel carrier

- EIFV armored fighting vehicles equipped with a Bradley turret

- Armored vehicle Fahd in all its classes

- Armored Qader 320

- TJL wagon

- Jeep J8 and has been upgraded with increased armor for more protection

- Tiger light buggy

- PantheraT6 - S8 - S10 - k10CMD . Armored Vehicle

- Armored Temsah, which is the latest to join the industries of the armed forces

- Tank gun for T62-T55-M60-M1A1

- RL 21 30 pipe rocket launcher

- RL 812 Rocket Launcher

- RL 81 Rocket Launcher

- 111 rocket launcher

- RPG-7

- The storming bridge built on the tank chassis M 60

- Polonez Multiple launch rocket system


P-70 pistol and the pistol Beretta Storm

- The automatic rifle Misr, the first version of Maadi

- Maadi AKM automatic rifle

- Helwan pistol 900

- Helwan pistol 990

- The MAADI GRIFFEN .50 caliber rifle


- The American M6 rifle Multiple vesions

- Dragunov snipers rifle

- SIG 556 rifle

- The UMP rifle

- MP5 rifle

- Thermal booby traps (Burkan) are used especially on Egyptian ships to deceive missiles

- Maadi 40mm grenade launcher

- A system on the M113 for detonating mines

- A system ((Rasd)) to monitor artillery positions, which is a proof of a project implemented by the Military Technical College

- The intensity components for the soldier with all their accessories and individual protection equipment for individuals such as gas masks - Kevlar helmets - bulletproof vests...etc

Maritime industries:

- RIHB speedboat

- AlHourria giant transport ships 1_2_3

- MRTP-20 . patrol boat

- Pocket submarines to transport frogmen, manufactured by Egypt since the sixties

- The Gowind Corvette entered the production line with 3 Corvettes

- The unmanned boat from Ariegsa

- Manufacture of US patrol boats SWIFT SHIP

- Meko-200 frigate .. one will be build in Egypt

- HY-2 SEERSUCKER Silkworm anti-ship cruise missile (200km range)


- HY-4 SADSACK anti-ship cruise missile (300km range)


- Type 125 Frigate.. 2 will be made in Egypt .. (might be another type.. still 2 frigates as stipulated in the Meko deal)

- Scorpene submarines local production with TOT.. under negotiation..
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A step back in time in the 60s..The Helwan HA-300 fighter aircraft .. reached 2 mach speed..






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Helwan 920

Helwan Brigadier

FN Mininmi
File:FN MINIMI Standard Right.jpg

File:FN MAG white background.jpg

SG-43 Goryunov
File:SGM DD-ST-85-01258.jpg

Egyptian multi-barrel machine gun
Multi-barrel machine gun – Wikimedia Commons

MK 19 Grenade Launcher

Maadi grenade launcher
File:PEO M203A2 Grenade Launcher.jpg

M79 GL
File:M79 Grenade Launcher (7414625716).jpg

RPG-7 V1
File:RPG-7V1 grenade launcher - RaceofHeroes-part2-22.jpg

Swingfire Wire-guided anti-armor missile system

TOW II Wire-guided anti-armor missile system

AT-3 Sagger Malyutka Wire-guided anti-armor missile system

Sakr Eye Manpad

Abram tank


Ramses II



- Armored personnel carrier
- Tank destroyer
- Tracked field command vehicle
- Tracked support and cargo vehicle
- Artillery fire support vehicle
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- Armored personnel carrier
- Armored medevac
- Tank destroyer
- Armored command post
- Infantry fighting vehicle



ST-100 with ejectable escape crew capsules

Egyptian Ground Forces - Page 4 Screen19

Egyptian Ground Forces - Page 4 Screen20

ST-100 and ST-500 MRAP

Panthera T6

Tiger Kader-120

Passive Decoying
الجيش المصرى بكامل التفصيل قدر الامكان PassiveDecoying_zps16e8766b

M163 VADS Vulcan
الجيش المصرى بكامل التفصيل قدر الامكان M163VADSVulcanAirDefense

الجيش المصرى بكامل التفصيل قدر الامكان Nile23UpgradedwithSakrEye1_zps6424c745

Sinai 23
الجيش المصرى بكامل التفصيل قدر الامكان Sinai23UpgradedwithStingerSAM-3

Armed forces uniforms and gear
Egyptian Ground Forces - Page 3 Untitled%20ES%202

Egyptian Ground Forces - Page 3 447564870
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SCUD BCD and Project-T MRBM and SRBM

Hwasong MRBM and SRBM

Sakr-80 TBM



Sakr family of MRL




Type 63


M120 Self-propelled mortar 120 mm

GH 52 Towed artillery 155 mm

HMMWV fitting HMMWVs with anti armor weaponry, options include: TOW, Milan, or HOT missiles

Fighting Robots

Egyptian Ground Forces - Page 4 47580610
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There is a lot more..in fact:

Egypt has a highly developed weapons production capacity..

"Egypt has a highly developed weapons production capacity, second in the Middle East only to Israel. In the early 1960s, President Gamal Abdel Nasser pursued a crash missile production program with German assistance at "Factory 333" in Heliopolis, a few miles east of Cairo. (1) Three rockets were reportedly under development there: the 375-km range al Zafar, the 600-km range al Kahar, and the 1,000-km range al Raid. All three systems were canceled when the West German government put an end to the cooperation in 1966. (2) However, in the early 1970s the Soviet Union supplied Egypt with Frog-7s and Scud-Bs, a few of which were fired against Israel in the Yom Kippur War with little or no effect. (3)

Egypt is believed to have produced the Scud-B indigenously - perhaps modifying them to extend their range - with some North Korean assistance. (4) An enhanced Scud-C (called "Project T"), with range/payload of 450 km/985 kg, is reported to have been developed and may be in service. (5) In cooperation with the French Société Nationale des Poudres et Explosifs (SNPE), Egypt has developed, produced, and deployed the Sakr-80 rocket as a replacement for the aging Frog missiles. The Sakr factory is responsible for producing the warheads, launchers and fire control systems for the Sakr-80. Various warheads were under development there in early 1988, including an HE armor piercing warhead, an antipersonnel/antimateriel submunition warhead, and an antitank minelet warhead; however, a chemical warhead was not planned. (6) According to press reporting from June 1990, China has signed a protocol with Egypt to help modernize the Sakr missile factory, "enabling it to produce a newer version of Soviet antiaircraft missiles, the surface-to-surface Scud-B and Silkworm and the Egyptian Sakr rockets." (7)

Egypt began collaborating with Argentina on the Badr-2000 (which parallels the Argentine Condor II) in 1984. The Badr/Condor was to be an advanced two-stage, solid-fuel, inertially guided ballistic missile, and was described as "state-of-the-art." It was expected to deliver a 700 kg payload over 1,000 km, accurate to within 100 meters. (
In late September 1989, Assistant Secretary of State John Kelly testified to the House Foreign Affairs Middle East Subcommittee that Egypt had terminated its cooperation with Iraq on the Condor II. (9) He did not explain when or why the Egyptians withdrew from the project. However, this move followed Egyptian embarrassment over the attempted smuggling, in June 1988, of 200 kg of carbon-carbon material, which is used as a protective coating for ballistic missile warheads. The Egyptian defense minister at the time, Abdel Halim Abu Ghazala, was implicated in the scandal, and was fired in April 1989. (10) Although the Condor II cancellation was a severe set-back to the Egyptian missile program, the collaboration did enhance indigenous capabilities - as did North Korean and other assistance - and provided considerable missile-related technology that undoubtedly has been applied to the Scud improvement program. (11)

Prior to the 171-nation vote in 1995 extending the NPT, Egypt launched a high visibility campaign to pressure Israel into signing the Treaty. Since the beginnings of its nuclear program in the early 1960s, Israel has fostered a deliberate ambiguity about whether it has developed and deployed operational nuclear weapons and has refused to be a NPT signatory. This ambiguity has allowed Israel to hold a nuclear Sword of Damocles over any potential Arab state threatening it with WMD, while preserving its freedom from NPT constraints. Despite early credible evidence that Israel was intent on becoming a nuclear weapons state and Nasser's vow that, in response, Egypt would "secure atomic weapons at any cost," Egypt has apparently made no significant effort to allocate resources or seek outside assistance in developing a nuclear weapons capability. (12) Nor is there any evidence that Egypt has attempted to develop chemical or biological warheads. Thus, Egypt shows no intention of converting its Scud-Bs and -Cs into WMD.

Concerning missile proliferation, Egypt, though not a member of the MTCR, does not appear to be exploiting its missile production capacity to market these weapons. May be that its missile force has been developed only to the level needed to maintain status as a leader among the Arab states and a negotiator with the West. Egypt has good reasons to choose diplomatic pressure, rather than arming Israel's enemies, to get Israel to sign the NPT as part of the Middle East peace process. Its continuing diplomatic efforts bear this out."


* in this thread maybe 50% of what Egypt produces as military systems and products are presented.. And what it owns from buying is 100 times what in here..in each category..
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I don't want you to miss this long sweat producing thread..

No worries, big bro. I will always follow this thread and almost everything you post, you know that. Just been a bit busy with some life issues that have taken precedence. Waiting patiently to see the Su-35s in the EAF.
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No worries, big bro. I always follow this thread and almost everything you post, you know that. Just been a bit busy with some life issues that have taken precedence. Waiting patiently to see the Su-35s in the EAF.
Hope all will go well for you out there....

The SU-35 might be still stationed in Russia.. because this is not the best time to provoke the US as Egypt needs its heavy political support for the GERD issue..Also as a new and unique system in the EAF it needs to be mastered fully by the pilots and the ground crews as well.. think about those submarines and how long it takes in tests and training before they are finally ready for service..

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