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ECP has desecrated March 23rd Pakistan's declaration of Independence Day

like 27 Feb.. arresting Gen Shoaib... they r oblivions for the day's importance.. lets see what happens on 14 Aug, 6 Sept and 16 Dec.
16 Dec 2023 starting to sound ominous, ngl :lol:

The only good 16 Dec is a saqoot-e-GHQ 16 Dec
Just wondering what meaning does the March 23rd hold tomorrow ?
Considering the abusive note ECP has released today in Opposition of that Declaration
The ECP is an extension of PDM run by Nawaz sharif Chamchas, don’t know why people are expecting anything positive from it. It’s full of corrupt crooks and should be cleansed just like the army and judiciary and police and corrupt thieving politicians..
It does what Maryam and Asim Pratt munir & co. tell them to do…

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