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China's small nuclear reactor core pass factory acceptance test​

Source: Xinhua
Editor: huaxia
2023-07-14 19:06:17

DALIAN, July 14 (Xinhua) -- The core module of the world's first commercial small modular reactor (SMR) completes its factory acceptance test on Thursday, marking a breakthrough in the technological innovation of SMR in China.

The reactor, also known as the Linglong One, is a multi-purpose small modular pressurized water reactor self-developed by the China National Nuclear Corporation.

The core module is the key equipment of the Linglong One, independently designed, developed, and purchased by the Nuclear Power Institute of China.

It includes pressure vessels, steam generators, and other components. Through independent innovation, researchers made breakthroughs in many key technologies, enabling the core module to realize engineering applications and pass the final acceptance smoothly, said Wu Qiong, an official from the Dalian Nuclear Power Petrochemical Corporation affiliated with the First Heavy Industry Group.

The annual power generation of the 125 MWe Linglong One will reach 1 billion kWh after its construction. It would meet the needs of about 526,000 households. It is also designed for urban heating, urban cooling, industrial steam production, and seawater desalination.

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