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China Equipment Manufacturing Industry

China's Largest Photothermal Power Plant Drives New Energy Development​


China overtakes Greece to become world's No 1 maritime fleet owner​


China Completes Main Structure of Self-Designed Cylindrical FPSO Unit​


China Makes Great Strides in Developing New-Generation "Artificial Sun"​


China's Largest Photovoltaic-Based Hydrogen Production Project Put into Operation​


Over 10 Mln Cubic Meters of CO2 Injected at China's First Offshore Carbon Storage Project​


China Finishes Assembling First Mid-Frequency Dish of World's Biggest Telescope Network​


China's Highest Altitude Photovoltaic Project in Qinghai Aims to Meet Local Energy Demands​


Mapping of China's First Ultra-Deep-Sea Geological Exploration to Be Completed​

Mapping process has been underway after China completed a 3,000-meter ultra-deep-water seismic exploration on Tuesday with a self-developed seabed geophysical exploration vessel near Zhuhai City of south China's Guangdong Province.


China rolls out the world's largest shield TBM main bearing​


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