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Is it not possible to get to 600km/h without maglev?
Wheeled high speed train will generate huge amount of heat due to friction on the metal wheels and rail tracks. It also will need huge power to move at high speed. The highest economically viable operational speed currently achieved is around 350-380 km/hr. There is also the increasing risk of the train jumping the rail track.

It is not possible to run a wheeled train on 600 km/hr safely.

Maglev trains have no wheels and are not in contact with the rail track. Without frictions, it moves in the air efficiently.

Via @_老年_ from Weibo

New Power Unit Starts Operation at China's Major Hydropower Station​

The power generation unit 13 of the Baihetan Hydropower Station in southwest China passed a 72-hour trial operation and started formal operation on Sept 19, marking the eleventh power-generating unit that has gone operational out of a total of 16 units constructed in the mega project.


China's first offshore oil and gas equipment completes onshore construction​


Dome Installed on Nuclear Plant Equipped with Hualong One Reactor in Guangdong​


China's Research Vessel Fulfills Deep-sea Scientific Exploration Missions in South China Sea​


China's Largest LNG Storage Base Starts Operation​

China's largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage base went into operation on Monday in east China's Jiangsu Province as the first shipment of LNG was unloaded at the Yancheng Green Energy Port of China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC).


First 2,000-tonne Offshore Wind Farm Installation Vessel Starts Operation​

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