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The Islamic Republic of Pakistan should be renamed The Jurassic Republic of Pakistan

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan should be renamed The Jurassic Republic of Pakistan
By Justice Markandey Katju

The misdeeds of the rulers of Pakistan are accurately described in this poem :
Zameen bech daali zaman bech daala Lahu bech daala badan bech daala Kiya mere gulshan ki har shay ka sauda Shajar bech daala chaman bech daala Kiye the naukri-o-makaanon ke vaade Meri jaan-e-madfan kafan bech daala Main roti-o-kapdon mein uljha raha Ek nashai ne mera watan bech daala
Details are given in the links below :
Pakistan’s Never-Ending Cycle of Religious Barbarity Continues Upsurge In Forced Conversion Nankana Lynching Is Plain Viciousness And Barbarism.
Where Is Pakistan Headed? Enough Is Enough:
Pakistani Females Deserve To Live – And Die – Peacefully Women’s Safety Is No Longer A Walk In The Park In Pakistan Suicide Rate Increasing
In Pakistan Freedom of Speech Under Siege In Pakistan
The misdeeds of the rulers of Pakistan who looted the country for decades, has left the country bankrupt, majority of people destitute, hungry, unemployed, etc and with skyrocketing prices of essential commodities.
This prompted the great Urdu poet Habib Jalib to write this poem about them.
Habib Jalib Poetry – Hukmaraan Ho Gaye Kamine Log
According to Pakistan Study.
Pakistan is the seventh largest wheat producing country.
Both the teacher and students of Pakistan Study stand in a queue to buy flour ....

Last year March 23rd Pakistan was hosting 57 Islamic countries and this year Pakistan is taking out the dead bodies of the poor from the flour lines!!

.....Prana March 23rd
.....Naya Pakistan March 23rd

Justice qazi sahab b comes judge compliatant himself

pura Pakistani syasat mai or pura mulk mai sub sa bari fasad ke jurh or Pakistan ke tabahi ke asal zimadar ya zardai toola (ppp) hai isse criminals corruption mafia na sub ko larwaya hai pecha baath kr ppp or zardai mafia ka khatma PAKISTAN ke baqa ka lya zaroori ho chuka hai jub tak inn bara bara mujrimon ko ibratnak saza nhi milan ge mulk mai istahkam or taraqi nhi a sakti...


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Motherfuckers russians the poorest people on earth while Pakistanis are the richest people on earth Pakistanis run russia and the whole world may be Pakistanis should pull out all their money and investments from russia and bring it to Pakistan bloody bullshitters russians
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