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Army handed over 45,000 acres for corporate farming

Sir those lands are good for our next DHAs

45,000 Acre Land ????


If $3,000 USD per acre annual Property tax like in rest of world

135 Million USD ~ Land Tax is collectable
Imagine if Imran Khan is declared a terrorist by this govt and PTI a terrorist party, what will the FATF and rest of the world think about Pakistan as a state where a terrorist has 70% approval ratings, more than all parties combined
Do not compare Pak Army to the Prussian Army. That isn't very kind. I have great respect for German Armed Forces. It's produced possibly the best soldiers and officers

Who lost most major wars they have fought in.
Who lost most major wars they have fought in.

Yes, fighting against pretty much all of Europe and North America on two continents Europe and Africa, ocean, and air. Whereas Bharat got taken over by a private company that was later taken over by a crown who ruled a tiny f*ck’in island.

There is a reason Europe shakes when it hears Germany is rearming and South Asians sh*t on the rail tracks when it hears India arming.

It's the optics.
Who lost most major wars they have fought in.
lol, tell me how many inventions we came up with in our wars. Germany, under heavy blockage was able to develop, test and deploy, the first cruse missle, the first ballistic missile, the first jet powered aircraft's, they took over all of Europe on a matter of months. Russia is still struggling to maintain a hold over parts of Ukraine.
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