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Army handed over 45,000 acres for corporate farming


LHC halts implementation of Punjab govt’s order to hand over 45,000 acres of land to army

Rana Bilal
March 31, 2023

The Lahore High Court (LHC) has stopped the caretaker government of Punjab from handing over at least 45,267 acres of land in three districts — Bhakkar, Khushab, and Sahiwal — of the province to the Pakistan Army for “Corporate Agriculture Farming”, it emerged on Friday.

On Thursday, a two-page verdict — a copy of which is available with Dawn.com — was issued by Judge Abid Hussain Chattha over a petition filed by Ahmad Rafay Alam on March 28 on behalf of Public Interest Law Association of Pakistan.

About two weeks ago, the Punjab government had signed an agreement to hand over the land to the army, referring to a notification dated Feb 20, 2023 and a joint venture agreement of March 8.

According to the verdict, the LHC has barred the Punjab caretaker government from extending any “lease of state land” for the above-mentioned purpose as per the government’s notification.

Noting that the points raised by the petitioner “need consideration”, the LHC issued notices to the respondents for May 9 and asked them to submit a response by then.

It also sent notices to the Attorney-General for Pakistan and Punjab Advocate General Shan Gul.

The petition​

The petition filed by Alam had named Punjab Governor Muhammad Balighur Rehman, the Punjab Board of Revenue, the Punjab agriculture secretary, the Punjab forest, wildlife and fisheries secretary, the Punjab irrigation secretary and the Punjab livestock & dairy development secretary among the respondents.

It had asked that the LHC declare the caretaker government “cannot take major policy decisions” and also declare the Feb 20 notification as “illegal, null and void”.

Citing a letter dated March 10 that was issued to the Punjab Board of Revenue, it had further asked that the “handing over of any and all properties/land by and between the respondents” be declared “illegal, null and void” as well.
Shekhar Gupta had reported that ask is in fact for a million acres of land for 'farming' & 45k acres is just a POC. Is that true?
Shekhar Gupta had reported that ask is in fact for a million acres of land for 'farming' & 45k acres is just a POC. Is that true?
Millions seems a bit exaggeration right? I don't think there is much semi fertile land left in Pakistan, which can be used by Army!
After the grand success of Fauji Cement, Fauji Biscuit, now wait for Fauji wheat and rice.
Backward integration by the successful corporate entity. Wait entity owns a country too :)
Hand back the land you thieving scum

Speaking to relations on the phone to Pakistan ive been told “70% of Pakistani land is owned by the army “ I ask them acting dumb is there much support for imran Khan as I’m watching bbc news and he’s being presented in court “

“ Everyone and I mean everyone supports Imran Khan “ the whole country from top to bottom

The awaam is slowly waking from slumber
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