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Army handed over 45,000 acres for corporate farming

India: Jai Jawan Jai Kisaan

This is actually not a bad an idea. Formalize this whole thing and make current army the sole proprieter of lands and raise a new conscript army from twitter/whatsapp/pdf.
Start of the creation of faujistan.. they will have their own land to do what ever they want to do. Grow barley, ferment whiskey, and no one to ask them..
Military sources confirmed this development and said that the army was “not taking over the ownership of the land as it will remain the property” of the Punjab government. “The intervention of the army will provide a coherent administrative structure,”

Why couldn't civilian admin do it?
The statement showed that the company’s loss, after tax, stood at a whopping Rs1,253 million compared to Rs758 million in the same period last year. Gross profit was down to Rs178 million from Rs545 million.

Fauji Foundation just creates losses like PIA, railway etc. They are not efficient enough. They just need more land for high-quality agrarian products only for their families. If not, later they will convert that to the real state.
Notice how the Americans used to highlight such transgressions in past. There is dead silence in Washington.

**** Asim the swine faced gashtora

I have said this before. The Americans did a terrific job of compromising the Pakistani armed forces through those fancy military exchange programs.

Get some corrupt and useless general in there and make a deal. We won't criticise you, but in turn just import a crooked regime that will pay heed to every sentence we utter. Win win, right?
Napak army will conquer all of Pakistan, but will kneel before India when it comes to freeing Kashmir.
The sources said that the project will be managed by retired army officers and the army will not get any pecuniary benefit out of this project rather the profit from the farming will go to the locals, the Punjab government, and firms that will invest in the project.

retired army officers is the largest unemployed lot in Pakistan
they need jobs everywhere, from NADRA to DHA to now even agriculture
Soon 'Fauzi brand chakki aata' and Fauzi brand mustard oil coming in Pakistani market.
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