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Operators from the 12th Commando Parachute Regiment the Specialized Regiment of Algerian Paras Commandos.. the regiment consist of two Special Operations company (41st and 45th company ) and one Specialized sections similar to the French GCP or the 75th American Ranger Regimen.

Operators from The Special Intervention Detachment (DSI) is a special forces unit of the Gendarmerie Nationale (Algeria). It specializes in the fight against terrorism, the release of hostages and the close protection of high-ranking personalities.
In 2013, it participated in the release of several people during the In Amenas hostage crisis.

The main tasks of the DSI are :

- anti terrorism lutte and the hostage rescue
- neutralization of criminals or terrorists in various places (urban, forest, desert, mountain...)
- participation of judiciary police operations
- escort and transfer of dangerous individuals
- Close protection and escort of VIP's

12th Para Commando Regiment (12th RPC) of the 17th Parachute Division (17th DP)


The Parachute Commandos Regiments (RPC) are parachute regiments of the 17th Parachute Division of Biskra of the land forces of the Algerian People's National Army.

These regiments are so-called "special troops" regiments by virtue of their missions and status.

The commando parachute regiments are composed of 6 parachute regiments and 3 auxiliary units
  • Staff of the 17th Parachute Division (17th PD) in Biskra
  • 1st Commandos Parachute Regiment of Tébessa (1st RPC)
  • 4th Commandos Parachute Regiment of Laghouat (4th RPC)
  • 5th Commandos Parachute Regiment of Ain Arnat (5th RPC)
  • 6th Commando Parachute Regiment of Jijel (6th RPC)
  • 12th Commando Parachute Regiment of Biskra (12th RPC)
  • 18th Commandos Parachute Regiment of Hassi-Messaoud (18th RPC)
  • 1 Parachute Artillery Regiment
  • 1 Parachute Engineer Battalion
  • 1 Parachute Anti-Tank Battalion
Airborne intervention is the main mode of action of parachutists, they are also capable of engaging under armoured protection with BTR-80s or Fuchs 2s and tactical reconnaissance vehicles, in a very short time and with weapons and equipment... that can be dropped or heliborne into a combat zone.

Each regiment has :
  • 1 General Staff
  • 3 Fighting Companies
  • 1 Logistics Company
  • 1 Anti-tank Company
  • 1 Support Company
  • 1 Transmission Company
  • 1 Air Defence Company
The 12th RPC is a specialized regiment, with two special operations companies (41st and 45th companies) and specialized sections similar to the French Army's Commando Parachute Group (GCP) or the U.S. 75th Ranger Regiment.

It is the elite parachute regiment for conventional forces (excluding special forces).

Parachute commandos act primarily in the air-land environment, the parachutists provide the material and human resources to carry out the missions, and the commandos, therefore, work directly with the other units.

Parachute commandos have the following mission :
  • Strategic and special reconnaissance
  • Commando action
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Special Operations Air Mobile Support and Support (in collaboration with Special Forces)
  • VIP close protection
  • The recovery and protection of strategic objectives
In addition, the RPC is very much present in border security missions, particularly on the Libyan border.

Due to their missions, the RPC have the status of "special troops"; they are the equivalent of the 75th Ranger Regiment.


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Detachment of Para Commando Regiment of f the 17th Parachute Division conducting a security mission near Libyan border.



Sniper team from the 104th RMO/SOF Regiment with MOSKITO day / night - laser rangefinder observation system and Zastava M93 Black Arrow 12.7×108mm anti-materiel rifle (AMR)



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