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US envoy inaugurates Police Training College in Balochistan


Mar 21, 2007
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US envoy inaugurates Police Training College in Balochistan​

US Embassy's INC Section spearheads $5.35m collaboration tripling Police Training College capacity with new buildings

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April 23, 2024

us ambassador blome at the inauguration ceremony of balochistan police training college photo express

US Ambassador Blome at the Inauguration Ceremony of Balochistan Police Training College . PHOTO: EXPRESS

United States Ambassador to Pakistan, Donald Blome, extended heartfelt greetings and appreciation to The Balochistan chief minister and Inspector General of Police for their hospitality and insightful remarks on the inauguration of the new Police Training College (PTC) campus in Quetta, in a statement released on Tuesday.

The four-year, $5.35 million-dollar collaboration, spearheaded by the US Embassy’s International Narcotics (INC) and Law Enforcement Section, has resulted in the construction of seven new and renovation of four existing buildings. This transformative upgrade not only triples the capacity of the Police Training College but also ensures that aspiring recruits and seasoned officers alike receive high-quality, skills-based training essential for operating effectively in Pakistan's most demanding environments.

Ambassador Blome underscored the pivotal role of the new facility in equipping law enforcement personnel: “With the completion of this new facility, the men and women trained at PTC Quetta will be far better prepared than their predecessors to address the tremendous risks and challenges they face every day in the line of duty.

“In addition, we have scheduled delivery of $900,000 worth of radio communication equipment and 35 mine detectors, and recently provided $700,000 worth of vehicles and $195,000 worth of blast suppression equipment, all of which will greatly enhance operations and security across the province.”

Beyond the confines of the training centre, the partnership between the United States and Pakistan extends to various initiatives aimed at fortifying security, combating narcotics trafficking, and countering terrorism. From INL providing essential equipment to fostering gender-inclusive policing, taken together, these actions make Pakistan safer, stronger, and more secure, said Ambassador Blome.

He also commended the concerted efforts to increase women’s representation within the police force, acknowledging the exemplary leadership of officers like Zarghoona Manzoor. Zarghoona's journey from homemaker to police leader exemplifies the transformative impact of gender-inclusive policies, enhancing operational effectiveness and service quality for all communities.

Furthermore, Ambassador Blome also commended the special efforts made to recruit more women into the police force, highlighting the establishment of gender desks in police stations and the expansion of facilities to better serve women and underserved communities. He particularly lauded the remarkable achievements of Balochistan Police officer Zarghoona Manzoor, who was recently honoured with a worldwide leadership award at an international conference for women police.

“Zarghoona, formerly a stay-at-home mother, joined the force after her husband was killed serving in the Balochistan Police. She now leads Balochistan’s first women’s police station. Women officers like Zarghoona improve the entire force’s operational effectiveness and efficiency and enhance the quality of service offered to all Pakistanis, especially those from underrepresented communities.”

US Ambassador Blome at the Inauguration Ceremony of Balochistan Police Training College . PHOTO: EXPRESS

US Ambassador Blome at the Inauguration Ceremony of Balochistan Police Training College . PHOTO: EXPRESS

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