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  • Bhai tumi shotti kotha bolso troll-der niya kintu shottikar bhabey amader nijeder platform chhara goti nai. Kalagirir post to ban hoi nai. Aksar gali diya jaitesey. Mod ra kichui korey na. Aamader nijeder kichu ekta kora uchit (notun PHP platform). Dui bosor ekhaney dekhsi. Khamaka time noshto.
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    Haha ha shotti kotha. Obossho shobshomoy erokom chilo na ei section. Ami ei forum e aj 8 years hoye gese, age onek decent chilo ei sub-forum. Jai hok, amader continue korte hobe. Jodi activity kome jaye and member ra interest haraye, taile orai jitbe.. jeta oder target. So we gotta keep it going.
    Idk about the pm functions of this group but yeah you can create a group for bd members in WhatsApp. Plus (three eight zero) seven three two one four nine zero zero six.
    Nah bro, that is just a photo i took from Facebook search. Thank you for your concern.
    bd_4_ever bd_4_ever vaia,
    Online-a ashle knock koiren.

    PDF a amar page nea ja bola hoitese seta jukti-jukto na.

    It was posted by a fan to this page "Defence power of Bangladesh"

    Just click the link once-twice-or more... Then see it carefully a fan(Araman Munshi) posted this photo to that page...

    Page's admin didn't posted this....

    Ami mone hoy je aapni bepar ta bujhte parsen.
    Please, ami aapnake request kortesi je, ae bepartar ektu extra take care niben.
    Ami PDF a reply disi, aapnara amake ektu shomorthon dan...
    PDF a aapni ekjon senior member...tai aapnake request kortesi...
    Please help me.

    - MHJ .
    Thanks for accepting my request :). Im doing quite well. How are things in Dubai? Hehe, dhaka is the same as always.
    it's fun here in dhaka right now cuz I'm enjoying my time all day .. no studies for another month =D

    lol.. you don't want to skate in the snow :P believe me.. you can go to the frozen lakes but then again it's way too slippery.. skating rings are best but u gotta learn how to even stand upright first haha.. they banned my fb accnt lol.. you can add me in msn.. check your pm

    yo bd.. I was away for a while..

    haha same here, regular classes wasn't my cup of tea.. I didn't even pay my school for more than 5 months b4 A level cuz I just didnt go there except like once in a while to hang out with my friends.. and that's why this guy Mr. Kutub was always after my blood (math teacher.. you know him, no?)
    btw my sister & cousin studied in Maple Leaf too.. such a small world =D.. they might even know you who knows..

    yeah lots of BDs here in CA doing masters.. or you can also stick to Aus.. lots of nice places for hanging out and no such f'ed up weather.. but you get four months off here (CA) in summer not bad eh? =D
    Hey izz ok mate..dont be sorry..in the end we are patriotic bunch and will belive our force is better than others..no harm in it..just that i was in a mood for fun thats all ;-)
    Electrical Eng.. but I love programming so Software Eng appeals to me a lot.

    Yeah dhanmondi 12 =D.. I think the gaming cafe is closed now cuz I haven't seen it for a while.. i myself used to be an avid gamer too, played from 12 noon to 10 pm this one time haha.. good times indeed!

    Academia, but I didn't go to school often =D .. How about you?
    Cool, what are you majoring in?

    Yeah lots of teens hang out here in Dhanmondi these days, especially where I live beside Abahoni Maht. Love having cups of tea with my friends out there =D

    Dhaka has changed a bit. New roads and more buildings in construction everywhere haha. Where's home in Dhaka?
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