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  • Nice.. where are you studying?

    Home's in Dhanmondi. I am actually here for the summer =D
    Hey bd4ever, thanks! Yours are awesome too.

    Yeah I'm in the Uni of Calgary. Still a long painful way till graduation.

    What about you? Studying or working?

    Sorry, I missed the question you asked. I am in software and also in have a few businesses. What do you do in Dubai ?
    Hi I work here in Dubai for a finance sector company... been here two years,

    Hey u know any place in Dubai that serves authentic bengali fish???
    cheers for that mate..I understand your feelings mate..i know them dont worry about it..there are much better people in the forum from your country like Leon and Iajadani..they know how to engage in a true debate but most of the countrymen love to listen to the bragging and all those stuffs...i am from Cochin,Kerala.I am working as a tech supporter here..thanks to IT boom :D.what about you?
    I am fine mate..saw you post in Bangladesh Section and the fight after that,,clearly some of your countrymen dont like your countrys growth..everything your country does is a crime now lolz..hws u??hws life??
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