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  • Salam, bro. You reacted rather strongly in reply to LaBong's post on Ctg-Kunming connectivity thread.
    Hello Sir,

    How are you? We usually do not see you much now a days. Is there any specific reason? I am planning to quit this forum soon as nothing productive is happening by giving so much time to find article to post and obviously debating with the Indian trolls. Actually suddenly I remembered you after seeing a funny conversation regarding you between you and Zabaniya ;). I only used to think that I am a troll in the Bangladeshi section. But Zabaniya also thinks that you are a troll that really amazed me. Even though posting regarding economy and development of Bangladesh was my primary reason to join this forum but eventually it turned in to trolling. Indians are primarily responsible for this. Hope to keep in touch. I will contact you before finally quit this forum.

    Enjoy reading the following conversation...:).

    Hey sir,
    What happened to your informative posts? History? You know the most why did you stop updating...?
    Keep posting.

    Thanks for the informative post, though am not sure where you read my comment regarding atheists and if I did then it must have been out of sarcasm.

    lol... for saying me sir..... anyway thanks a lot for your comment.... My semester has already started so hardly will get chance to reply post by post to the Indians from now on ..... this is just a thought.... I think most of indian members are from certain group or party to promote india all the time.. or in other word internet activist deployed by GOI or any other party just like what has been done by china.... otherwise how they get these much time to post in this forum :O....
    Salam sir...hope you are doing good...! Thanks for your message but actually i am busy in exams...just a few more days though....will soon be posting again inshALLAH....see you soon....!! Tc....!!
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