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World in awe as India showcases indigenous weapon systems on Republic Day

TS is winning the title for the most cringeworthy article threads.. When has the world been in awe?

Then you continue to post trucks
Indians do some clown spin on a motorbike and proclaim the world is in awe lmfao
not sure about the 'world in awe' bit lol but some pretty impressive pieces of kit displayed today.. full desi APCs, helos, SAMs.. the works.. good stuff !

too bad they can't do a naval flotilla/formation/sail by here, spl considering that it is the NAVY much more than the other two where a lot of indigenous work is really shining. Atma nirbhar navy, Army is getting there too, Air Assets/Force is probably the toughest of the lot but lots and lots of progress in the rotary wing side of things.. LCA has been a great teacher, fixed me bhi jald karenge.. inshallah !
As India celebrated its 74th Republic Day, the Kartavya Path in the national capital witnessed the prowess of the armed forces armoured with high-tech indigenously made defence equipment. This year, only indigenously made weapon systems were showcased at the Republic Day Parade including the 21-gun salute through 'Made in India' 105mm Indian Field Guns, MBT Arjun, Nag anti-tank guided missile, Akash air defence missiles, TATA WhAP, Kalyani M4, K-9 Vajra, BrahMos supersonic cruise missile including others. Indian Army's lethality, accuracy and reliability witnessed a leap with indigenous weapon systems

Send these weapons to Afghanistan or Ukraine... you ll know the capabilities within a few minutes ...
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