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World Bank lauds CPEC for unlocking vast opportunities and economic growth in Pakistan

"The world is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century, but time and situation are in our favor."

Posted above is a quote from recent speech by President Xi.

Assuming we agree on the comment, what do the developments mean for Pakistan?

I believe the situation is similar to what our elders faced in 1857 after the defeat of the uprising. Back then, our ashraafiya experienced a loss of status because the world they operated in suddenly collapsed. The world I am referring to is the world that was created by the spread of Persian high culture. Sir Syed was a product of this world and so was Ghalib who tragically had to bow in front of low level gora affsers in order to collect his pension.

Sir Syed's response to the momentous changes was to argue that ashraafiya should shift secular qibla from Central Asia to Western Europe. Sir Syed received opprobrium from traditionalists but he pressed on with an energy that seems barely plausible. He published journals, founded numerous tanzeems and created educational institutions which were designed to assist the ashrafiya in navigating in the new world. Must have been difficult for our ancestors as shift from Persian to English would have been damned hard. Yet here we are communicating in English. One of the tanzeems that Sir Syed created was Muhammadan (sic) Education Conference which in turn gave birth to Muslim League. This fact is ironic because education is shoba which is completely ignored in Pak.

I believe with rise of China, and given betrayal by the west who sponsor murderous thugs in Pakistan, we should shift our secular qibla from the West towards the East which is the rising power similar to where England stood in 1857. Change will not be easy and there will be opposition from the tradionalists who have undertaken RCO precisely to protect the interest of gora masters. For elite the change will be be difficult but awam will adapt much more easily than during the Raj.

Pak is not occupied by China so awam will not have to deal with sense of inferiority when shifting focus. Second, China is a benign power which is willing to help Pakistan. It is for precisely this reason that Chinese citizens have been targeted in Pak. Data also indicates that middle class Pakistanis have gone to China in record numbers for education. The other advantage Pakistan will have is that India will never accept China's rise. This is complete reversal of post 1857 world where hindus had a head-start because they accepted gora hegemony without a whimper.

The path forward is clear. We now wait for Sir Syed.
Sir Syed will find it quite difficult to change Qibla.

In 1857 hardly any family from subcontinent has migrated to western world to live a life of freedom.

Now ashrafiya which controls the Qibla has no plans of renouncing their gora passports and settling in Xi's land
You guys better start generating revenue from the Infra which was created using billions.

You know spending using credit card is easy. Paying back sometimes become a nuisance.

Huge revenue is only possible after industries in the second phase are completed.
Public transportation infras operations are really subsidized as in the world.
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