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Will the Merkava tank deal for Morocco change the balance of power in the region?

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Feb 13, 2012
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The deal to sell Merkava tanks to Morocco is a major military deal between Morocco and Israel, announced in 2023. The deal includes the sale of 200 Mark 3 Merkava tanks to Morocco, as well as additional ammunition and weapon systems. The value of the deal is estimated at 1.2 billion dollars..
The chariot (Merkava) tanks are among the best in the world, and are equipped with the latest military technology.

This transaction is an important step to improve the capabilities of the Moroccan army, and to deal with all potential security threats.

This deal comes as part of the increasing military cooperation between Morocco and Israel. This deal is an important step in improving relations between the two countries and increasing security in the region.

The 3M chariot tanks deal is one of the most important arms deals concluded between Israel and an Arab country, and it constitutes an important step in the path of normalization between the two countries.

The military significance of the deal:

*- The 3M chariot tanks are among the most modern main battle tanks in the world, and are equipped with the latest defense and attack systems.

*- 3M Merkava tanks are highly protected against conventional weapons and explosives, and are equipped with a variety of weapons including a 120 mm cannon and guided missile systems.

*- The 3M chariot tanks are considered one of the main weapons in the Israeli army, and they have proven their effectiveness in many battles.

*- The 3M chariot tank deal improves the Moroccan army's capabilities to deal with any possible threats, and it also reflects Morocco's commitment to strengthening military cooperation with Israel.

*- The chariot tank is considered one of the most effective tanks in the world, and it has proven its effectiveness in many battles.


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I am suprised Morocco is buying this tank ....

Especially when they already have 380+ Abram tanks. 200+ M1A1SA and roughly 160+ M1A2 SEPv3S! That's like one of the best tanks out there. I guess they're of the mindset that additional types are what they need and maybe they see their terrain is well suited for the Merkava, not sure which it is.

They even have a couple hundred M60s. They also buy the Tavor from Israel as well as the Maadi Misr from Egypt.

They're probably the 2nd largest cooperator with Israel after Türkiye.
I am suprised Morocco is buying this tank ....

Holy mackerel, I just took a quick look at their list of military equipment...wow!
Not only is it pretty impressive, I knew they bought a good amount of equipment from the US but I never realized their Israeli purchases were this extensive!

Take a quick glimpse. When you just scroll down you can easily see the numerous Israeli flags on all the items they buy from there.

Were is the source for Maadi Masr?

Same one, Wiki.

The war in Gaza demonstrated the effectiveness of anti-tank missiles, even old ones
The Iranian version of the AT-5 missile was shown to be effective against Merkava tanks. The Iranians developed the missile, which they have been producing for more than 20 years. The speed of the missile was doubled to 410 meters per second instead of 208 meters per second, in addition to increasing the destructive capacity of the missile.
Perhaps the range has been increased. Iranian development is not the only one, including Russia and India. Immediately, night vision systems increased the range of the missile to 4 kilometers at night, and the range of the missile may have been increased to 5 kilometers.

Perhaps these developments are the Russians’ increased integration of their various MARP armored vehicles, as well as the BTR-82A, by equipping them with these light missiles.

The same tactic was developed for the HJ-8 missile, with the range reaching 6 kilometers and the destructive capacity increasing to 1800 mm RHE.

The Chinese have developed the HJ-11E missile with a range of up to 6.5 kilometers, half-positive guidance, and the destructive capacity is equivalent to the older missile.

American reports indicated that Israel had lost about 61 Merkava tanks as of November 6, 2023, as well as 61 various armored vehicles, starting from the Nimir to the Eitan. The losses were divided between anti-tank guided missiles and projectiles such as the Yassin, although it was a local factory and according to its destructive capabilities, it was less than the 105-mm projectiles. Russian or produced by other countries, but its effectiveness, which reaches a range of 150 meters, appeared against Merkava tanks, which causes disasters for the Israelis if their tanks are directed with advanced projectiles as a result of the Israeli attack. Their losses are equivalent to 6 tanks per day to 12 tanks depending on the deployment. These numbers are borne by Israel, so doubling the size of the losses. Israeli tanks on a daily basis are what makes the cost of their entry into Gaza high. On the 6th, Israel lost about 100 soldiers. Israel means small numbers so as not to raise internal public opinion with the cost of their crimes, but the Israeli military considers their losses in these numbers acceptable, especially since their deployment in Gaza means seizing more Lands

Israel does not leave a land it occupied except with great and unbearable losses
But what is most important is the reputation of the Israeli equipment, which is sold by the rulers in some countries whose stability of existence depends on the illusion of Israel’s protection for them. The Merkava tanks have become a cause for ridicule, a huge elephant that is easy to strike and destroy in confrontation with old missiles. Let alone the newer systems. The APS systems did not provide the full required protection. The astronomical prices for this equipment. It is also considered a disaster if it is lost. Anyone who would think about buying these tanks is considered naive
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