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What is Inclusive Urban Development and Why is it Important for Pakistan?

Sahi kaha... people hold plots and don't build on it:P
City planning eneds at italians.
TURBAT has all necessary potential to become Pakistan's Major Urban centre in the South. It's very near from Iranian Border. Its far from Punjab which is quite vulnerable in case of any conflict with India. It has vast land, where can built infrastructure on cheap cost. It is already connected with Gwadar Port.

  • 2nd Largest City of Balochistan and Largest City of South Balochistan
  • Nearest Pakistani City to Iran Border
  • Far from India or any potential Conflict Zone
  • Shortest route to Tehran Baku and Russia's Oil Rich Caucasus
  • Shortest route to Iran Turkey Azerbaijan and Russia without Depending on Afghanistan
  • Can be used as TRADE HUB for all trades with Iran Azerbaijan Turkey and Russia
  • Less Populated, more suited for a good Urban Centre in future.

By industrializing Punjab's Agricultural lands, we are destroying Punjab's Agricultural production. Which may lower food production within Pakistan and increase Pakistan's unnecessary food imports.

I think Industrialization should be more focused in the Southern Balochistan areas like Gwadar Turbat Panjgur Washuk Kharan, and in Southern Sindh like Karachi Hydebarad Thatta Umarkot Tharparkar Sujawal.

But unfortunately our political Governments sees everything from political ayes. Turbat has only 1 seat in the National Assembly, so nobody is interested. Rather than Karachi or Punjab where they cashes their infrastructure development during election campaigns.
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