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Turkey to Drop Plans For F-16s: Chinese J-10C Fighters Hinted as Choice to Modernise Fleet

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Incidentally, even the Ozgür modernized F-16 (for B30s) variant has has better technical advantages than the J-10, -for countries with existing F-16 operations but no non-NATO aircraft operations-. In fact, this program is a domestic alternative to the B70 package. It even offers extra base capabilities over the B70 package such as instrument approach/landing, specific reconnaissance/ew pods. The new generation mission computer, system interface unit, new full digital cockpit upper front control panel, new type high resolution-color MFD and interfaces, digital hydraulic, engine, fuel interfaces, link-16(for b30s and lower blocks), digital terrain system and digital mapping, Inertial Navigation System, Gps navigation, interface blind unit, internal and external NVIS compatibility, Eemergency indicator, national sound safety device, national identification Friend or Foe (IFF) and Mod-S interrogation, Multi-Mode Receiver, EO/IR Targeting System, etc., all of which are already included in the B70 are also covered by Ozgür. I think this Ozgur modernization plan is a step towards the B50/52s.

What's left? The EW capabilities developed with the SPEWS-II program in past and some of the integrated suites, especially the AN/ALQ-178(V)5+ system. We are now in a position to produce much more capable modules than these. The other issue is the APG-83 AESA radar. The first delivery of the Murad-F16, which is its equivalent radar, will be made this year. Structurals, there is no external dependence here either. In fact, within the scope of the recent F-16 Block 40/50 structural improvement project, the aircraft were almost remanufactured and their flight life was increased to 12000 hours. Only the engine remains. Which we produced here under license for years. As for ammunition and various mission pods, dependency has been completely eliminated. Indigenization is also continuing in the areas of command and control (havelsan kartal) and combat tactical data link(meteksan kement etc.). In short, if relations with the US complete break down, so even if it comes to that, our option before Chinese or Russian systems may be non-compliance with international license agreements and the expansion of this modernization / production infrastructure to the remaining F-16 fleets.

However, turning to this solution, carrying out the integration and testing activities in question, and trying to produce it in very high quantities will be quite challenging for organizations that already have a workload that exceeds their capacity. And the more important problem is that resources are not unlimited. In that scenario, there will be other issues that could have an impact, particularly on ongoing indigenous projects. My point here is not to argue that this or that path is right, but to describe the conditions in extreme cases.
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Where does Turkey have the courage to think they can get the J-10C for free?
Underdeveloped brains can not grasp abstract ideas and hypothetical scenarios. Unfortunately for everyone on this forum, you have one such brain.
His statement is as follows: "Turkiye should urgently change its decision on the F-16. For example, there was an option on the table with the F-35. Turkey had expectations from the program. Now there are other options, such as the Chinese aircraft sold to Pakistan, Russian aircraft and the Eurofighter. I believe that after the earthquakes, TR will reject the F-16 request, because it is $20 billion in total cost."

(This stupid understanding has undermined many strategic steps, from the MILGEM program's early stages to the negotiations for the purchase of other fighters (like EF development partnership offer) in the 90s, for example. It's not just about Akp, it's more about the power struggle in the defense bureaucracy.)

Depending on how you look at the issue, the message here may be different. However, no matter how differently you interpret it, it requires either a serious mental retardation or something more to try to manipulate this unofficial statement in an irrelevant way and to make propaganda out of it, as if the Ministry of Defense wants fighter jets from China.

In short, you are trying in vain here, my friend. Some people here will continue to say the same things even if you explain them for days.
So not only he's a nobody, he didn't even say anything about the J-10


Chinese propaganda is pathetic.

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