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Transmission project under CPEC boosts Pakistan's green development

CPEC Matiari-Lahore DC transmission project executed maintenance for a “power on”summer​

By Staff Reporter | Gwadar Pro Jun 3, 2022

MATIARI, May 28, (China Economic Net) - On May 20, 2022, as Matiari converter station resumed work, the Matiari to Lahore DC transmission project successfully completed its first maintenance operation since its commercial operation. With summer fast upon us, a safe and successful supply of electricity matters more than ever. As one of Pakistan’s electricity life lines, the maintenance of the ±660 KV HVDC Transmission Line project was of great significance.

It is also the 1st time that Matiari and Lahore converter stations, as well as 18 control towers along the 886km long 4000 MW ±660 kV Matiari-Lahore HVDC Line, stopped operation in turns and conducted maintenance. A team consisting of 120 staff from Pakistan and China participated in the work under extreme heat, the threats of the ongoing pandemic and a tight schedule.

It was highlighted by the Ministry of Energy and China Electric Power Equipment and Technology Co.Ltd.(CET) that the maintenance needs to be done in a relatively short period of time. Thanks to adequate preliminary research, after the Lahore converter station completed its maintenance work, the team quickly adjusted its working plan and managed to reduce the working hour at Matiari converter station from 8 hours to 6 hours. The total maintenance work took only 13.5 hours—which means the team has minimized the impact on the local’s livelihood.

“I was touched by the professionalism demonstrated by the Chinese workers,” Abu Bakar Abid, an engineer at the mega project told the reporter, “As record setting heat blast Pakistan, Chinese workers had to wear thick working suits and perform precise operations for us under blistering heat.”

Since commercial operation of the ±660kV Matiari-Lahore HVDC transmission project in September, 2021, the project has continuously provided stable, high-quality and clean electric energy for nearly 10 million local households, with a cumulative transmission capacity of about 12billion kwh. The successful execution of maintenance will effectively improve the safety level of the project transmission, and provide a stronger guarantee for the safe and stable electricity supply in peak summer.
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