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The Egyptian army is equipped with advanced anti-tank missiles produced by “MBDA”

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Feb 13, 2012
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Hebrew media reported that the special units of the Egyptian army were equipped with advanced anti-tank missiles produced by MBDA.

The missile and its guidance system offer three different operating modes:

The Egyptian Ministry of Defense published a video showing a military delegation from Qatar visiting units of the Egyptian army and offering items of weapons and ammunition to the guests from Qatar, including the AKERON MP missile.

The AKERON missile, formerly known as MMP, is considered one of the latest anti-tank weapons and for land targets, as it can be used to strike tanks, armored vehicles, buildings, military units, and others.. it is a fifth generation, network-enabled, anti-tank guided missile system.

AKERON is a multi-mission missile system that uses advanced technologies to guide missiles with high precision. This missile has a set of characteristics that make it unique, as it can be used in many different situations and for different targets.

AKERON's technology is based on a laser and radar guidance system, which enables it to identify and track targets with high accuracy and hit them accurately far from the launch site. The range of this missile can reach 8 km, which makes it effective in targeting targets from long distances.

The latest generation AKERON MP provides advanced positioning and digital communications capabilities for hitting both visible and invisible targets.. lock-on after launch (LOAL) capability for non-line-of-sight (NLOS) use..

This system is characterized by its ability to work in close and far combat conditions, where the operator can determine the missile's trajectory before launch to achieve high accuracy in hitting the target. The operator can also determine the missile's trajectory after launch, which allows it to efficiently attack moving targets.


The Akeron missile has been used in a number of conflicts and wars..


Reports indicate that this missile would enhance the capabilities of the Egyptian army to confront security threats in the region..

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