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Small Manufacturing units in Pakistan.

This a 15 Ton marine shaft being made in a small factory. I thought only KSEW, HMC, Qadri Bros, Descon or a few others could do this in Pakistan. This would fit a pretty large ship.


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These videos are very addictive. I spend way too much time watching them!

There's also a channel on Facebook which has videos detailing the truck repairing process.

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Gas Cylinders making ...

Process of Making A Tractor Hydraulic Pump

Dumper Body ...


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a) shocking to see someone working on so many sharp surfaces/exposed metal with frigging sandles as foot wear.
b) suprised to see such a manual industry surface in the face of competitive pressure from the automation/low cost of manufacturing from China...

it was 30 years ago, my brother was setting up a cable manufacturing factory, machine were to be imported from Italy, few came and were in the process of being setup. One day few people came to see my brother and offered same machine manufactured locally at 1/3 the price and and free life time support of any parts and that quality will meet Italian machines or you don't pay.
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