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Saudi Arabia (KACTS) has developed SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) satellites

Serving 13 of everything from their defense, finance, government and telecom.

You probably are half my age.

My friend, I can also claim to have been the bodyguard of Saudi Arabian kings, working for the Saudi Arabian intelligence service, working in finance, defense, government, telecom, plumber, gardener whatever.

As for my age, you might be 3 times as old, I can't deny the possibility of that.

This is an open project made by a private firm that works together with a university. We are not talking about state secrets here. From what I can see (open sources such as LinkedIN) there are several Saudi Arabians directly involved. At least their names give it away because I don't know many non-Saudi Arabian Al-Zahranis and Al-Ghamdis etc.


That would be unprofessional.
However I would say as much.
Saudis are progressing at a massive speed,
they have the best of the best to strategize for them, and they have the money
to put those blueprints into motion and turn into reality.

Saudi problem is their tribal setup, and people born in the 60s, and 70s, are suffering from it.
these same people display the same problems in organizations.

My guess is that , it will take another 15-20 years before saudis can overcome this problem,
and by then they will way far ahead of the rest.

More than tribalism, I would call it regionalism/elitism/societal differences. Their tribalism is basically what the aristocracy/gentry is in the UK, just a much larger and more influential societal construct. Mostly felt in regards to marriages and nepotism. It is a problem indeed but this in KSA it begins with the top (regime) which uses the same system and also having solidified it with untold amount of intermarriages with elite families across all of KSA since Ibn Saud.

Rest I agree with you, but since this is a discussion forum, I am sure we would like to hear about this project if you really took part in it.

Absolutely NOTHING,
unfortunately Pakistan is going in a total opposite direction,
and the reason for that is that the chief strategists ( establishment ) have ZERO
understanding of, or care for science and technology.
Without hiding behind NUST etc,

Fast of the matter is that the establishment has had EME, MCS, CME, etc since decades
and they have nothing worth while to show of their achievements.

Our establishment likes to see everything from a single lens, and that is their own lens.

anything else is not comprehensible to them.

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