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Great share brother.


Wonderful photos brother. You are really catching some beasts there! I know for a fact that the waters around Florida and the Gulf of Mexico are a treasure hove. I have done similar kind of fishing in the Red Sea, Florida and the Med.

I have only caught a few barracudas and smaller sharks. Nothing huge.

I would love trying this kind of fishing though:


Anyway back to KSA and more randomness:



I would love trying this kind of fishing though:

Yeah, Blacktip Fishing puts out some great videos, and bonitas are a blast. You can catch 30 of them in a hour if you're in the right spot and after 10, you're ready for a nap! They put up one heck of a fight and then sometime you need to pull them harder when they reach the surface if there are sharks trying to get them otherwise you'll end up with half of ones.

But that grouper reminded me of a story from 2012, also off of the Keys and my buddy was bent way over the side of the boat unhooking one of those monsters and suddenly it whipped its tail and smacked him on the side of the head, knocked him out cold, he fell over onto the grouper which was still hooked to the line, the fish freaked out started thrashing even more bouncing him around and finally got away from him and he was face down in the water. Didn't have his vest on. My buddy and I had to jump in to get him, pull him back into the boat and luckily he was breathing so we didn't need to perform any CPR, just had to wait about 10 minutes till he woke up and he couldn't remember what happened. He almost didn't know why he was on a big boat fishing with us. It was scary, but fun fun fun lol.
HAIL: The “Live Saudi Arabia” program, launched by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH), has created a number of trips from Hail city to Jubbah in Hail province to encourage people to attend the “Historical Nights of Jubba” event and learn about the city’s rock art (petroglyphs), Jabal Umm Sinman and Jubbah’s civilization and growth.

Very nice pics :tup:

It's very nice for me to get a glimpse into a foreign land I'd like to visit one day.

You are most welcome bro and I would be ready to host you.

Beautyfully handcrafted wooden balconies in Jeddah by Janos Hajas, on Flickr

Make Riyadh Green Again Nov-18-17 by Bader Alotaby, on Flickr

Oasis by Walid Mahfoudh, on Flickr

Al Qassim by KhanSaqib, on Flickr

Rujal-9-2013 by ☰ حسن أحمساني, on Flickr

أبها by ماجد التيهاني1, on Flickr

٢٠١٦١٠٠٦_٢٠٣٦٥٤-01 by Yaser Abdulmagid, on Flickr

RED SEA by Yaser Abdulmagid, on Flickr

Farm Ville by Mark Iniego, on Flickr

IMG_0915-2_6-2_7-2_tonemapped by nabil elsherif, on Flickr

Al Wadj Bank, Saudi Arabia (NASA, International Space Station Science, 12/30/07) by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, on Flickr

by Jazan Know, on Flickr



Tabuk area منطقة تبوك by tabuk تبوك, on Flickr






Something I would definitely look forward to my friend :tup:

Maybe one day in the not-too-distant future.

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