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Largest single olive tree plantation (Nadec) in the world (3.5 million olive trees) in the same Al-Jouf province according to the video. However I am not sure if this is the case but I assume that it is by all accounts one of the largest olive plantations in the world.


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by عبدالله العيدي, on Flickr

1st_Tabouk-09 by Anwar Helmi, on Flickr





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by عبدالله العيدي, on Flickr

Stunning natural beauty
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Jeddah Waterfront
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The oud is such a great instrument and much more difficult to build than a conventional acoustic guitar because of the bulbous shape of the back and the headstock. Love the oud I have 2 myself as part of my collection.

And as I'm sure you very well know, the oud was brought back from the Arab world to Europe (particularly Spain) in Andalus most likely during the Crusades and ended up influencing the design of the Flamenco guitar in Al Andalus which then transformed music around the world with the creation of the guitar itself from the nylon stringed Flamenco to the classical and then steel string and so on and so forth. This is where it all started with the amazingly beautiful sound of the Arabic oud.

This 10-minute piece shows how absolutely phenomenal this great instrument is and you can most certainly hear how flamenco music was inspired by the beautiful Arabic tones played on the oud. The 2nd video is the great Hussein El Masry, plays incredible oud and a beautiful jam accompanied by the tabla.


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