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Recent CPEC JCC meeting; Pakistani objectives appear to be unmet

Not going to engage you any further as I do not like attacking people I am arguing with in person, even if they stoop that low—peace out.

I am going to call out your hypocrisy here. You can call Dr. Shahid Masood a male nurse, but when I tell you to keep making a fool out of yourself, I am attacking you?

And just so we are clear, I despise the insinuation that I gave 'love reacts' to any post. You are a pathetic, despicable, retard for using such language to describe my reaction. I use that particular emoji when I strongly agree with some content. It doesn't mean I feel any affinity towards the poster. Just as I would give the following the same emoji because this actually represents a lot of sense.

A fishing port is to be built alongside some port berths. Other than that the information in the public domain makes it nothing more than a hyped-up real estate development project. What we need at this point is investment in the manufacturing sector to produce exportable surpluses that bridge our ever-widening trade deficit whenever economic growth picks up. CPEC 2.0 was to ensure that. How many SEZs have become operational and started becoming export hubs or are moving in that direction by now? Why have we not been able to enter the second phase of CPEC development till now? These are questions that require answers.

We need to call out Imran Khan's incompetence in blocking CPEC 2.0 and approving even more infrastructure projects. And with Bajwa being completely crass about security, I shudder to think what would happen if anti-Pakistan forces again start a bloodbath in Karachi.
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