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Real Chaabi waly khilonay

He is using too much Twitter these days. His Latest Creation.

The only one I was disappointed with was Asad Umer.
Those Romeo and Juliet cigars are his trademark 😂

If Asad Umar does jump ship then I would be really really disappointed to have wasted my vote on him in 2018.

But, he has said that vote IK ka hi hai yesterday, so I have some hope.
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They can remove the leader and all his men but they can't remove the IDEOLOGY from the hearts of the party supporter(any). This is what keeps a political party with grassroots alive in all upheaval and vicissitudes.

Unfortunately, we have been through the vicious circle of chop and change since our inception, the big boyz will still never learn.
So you are talking the same as youthias now?
I’d reserve my comments and condemn them if they are to make a forward bloc.

It is obvious they’ve been coerced into quitting PTI by blackmailing them with consequences to their family members.

But creating a forward bloc is another story.

The Generals have lost their marbles and resorting to all kind of illegal acts. This is only pushing Pakistan to the brink.
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