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PLAAF & PLANAF special mission aircraft - Y-8GX-family


Nov 9, 2014
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Since usually images of these birds are either posted in the PLN- or the PLAAF-threads, which I don't deem appropriate, I start a new dedicated thread for these IMO most important special mission assets.

To start with, here are some very nice images, however IMO the KJ-500H and Y-8GX-6 both have faked numbers (so far, their serials were in the "85x9x" modex).


Y-8GX-5 / KJ-200H AEW
KJ-200H 9391 - 2. NDiv - 8.12.16.jpg

Y-8GX-6 / KQ-200 ASW ... IMO with a psed serial
Y-8GX-6 89192 - 9. NDiv + psed no. - 8.12.16.jpg

Y-8GX-8 9231 - 2. NDiv - 8.12.16.jpg

Y-8GX-9 / KJ-500H AEW ... IMO with a psed serial
KJ-500H 89099 - 9. NDiv + psed no. - 8.12.16.jpg
Woooooow . china is amazing and every passing day doing astonishimg :-)

Chinese doctrines are small steps and quick run. All China’s weapon systems are under constant modifications,better and better in another words. We would make every interesting weapon that exists in the world first and then creat our own unique ones such as anti-ship missiles and hypersonic ICBMs and satellite sweepers... you name it. Next generation of radars and military quantum communication system will be born in China not in any other country!:cheers:
Development of a new type of AEW "activated" ie the programme now fully funded by the State.

Completion of the development of next generation shipborne radar(for Type 055 DDG?)

New technological breakthroughs in the fields of Terahertz, quantum radars etc.

Operational deployment of backbone radar

The above are listed among the "milestones" achieved by No. 14 Inst. of CECT in 2016. :D:D
A new regiment with KJ-500 etc formed under 2S of the PLANAF North Theater Command. :enjoy:

Will it be indeed a new regiment or will they be only assigned to the same regimentg, that already uses the KJ-200H?

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