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  • Hi my friend, I hope you are doing fine and since You have been absent from this forum - and even more i miss your regular contributions - I kindly wanted to ask, how are you.

    Best, greetings from Germany and take care.
    Cirr, I've heard a few rumors regarding the J-15. Have you heard the same?

    1. The J-15 will enter service in 2015.

    2. The 2nd batch J-15 will feature an AESA radar (2015-2016 timeframe)
    Dear Cirr,

    I was wondering if you could delete the thread about the Chinese companies advertising **** stars. Because the thread will entice an army of anti-China trolls that will demean, insult, mock and belittle us. We do not have to give them more materials than the mainstream media already does.

    Please do not take my humble suggestion as dictating something. It is just my personal opinion and friendly request.
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