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Palestinian Resistance Photos

An interesting development...

Unknown if they`re made locally in gaza or smuggled in.
Hamas armed wing captured Israeli quadcopter drone and retrieved some intelligence related to Israeli intelligence/operational missions on Gaza border:

PDF user Shawnee hacked the drone for Hamas.








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Palestinian Resistance factions need to acquire:

-Loitering AA missiles
-More advanced AT missile systems
-Higher quality mortars
-More capable drones
-Cruise missiles


Despite Gaza being so small and never being able to pose a strategic military threat to Israel, that does not excuse Iran from providing them with higher quality weaponry to replace ancient homemade weapons. It appears Iran is hesitant to provide them with these. What is the reason, when they can supply many to Hezbollah and Houthi's in Yemen?
Very nice pics

i have one questions why do Palestinians fighters launch rockets from crowded or near public places like schools in Gaza.I have seen NDTV documentary which give Israelis an excuse to airstrike?
yes common Palestinians allow the resistance fighters to use their homes as launch pads for nuclear strikes against innocent israeli refugees who had to leave europe to save their lives and to avoid an ongoing jewish holocaust in europe and then the common palestinians happily wait for israeli drones to show up and blow them to smithereens.
I remember your last thread about it,and i was impressed about their equipements and their personal gears..... where do all these equipments come from ? Iran ? black market ?
Anywhere they can get them from I guess. Many actors will trade for money including Egyptians, Russians, Chinese , Israelis, Indians etc..

A few thousand true believers can destroy Israel. We have seen it in history many times before where true believers against all odds have defeated a far superior army.

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