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Pakistan's intelligence failure at controlling domestic narratives effectively and poor information warfare

So does PA through ISPR. The reach out is for areas where civil government fails in many aspects like I mentioned medical camps and aid during calamity. That’s when military reaches out to the common man. Not the ones who sit online day, have access to cooked food and money flowing in banks through jobs on chairs. There hasn’t been a decline in recruitment - army or paramilitary.

And this isn’t a strategy. The rural, far flung, villages etc areas host more population than the well offs in cities of Pakistan.
You have businessmen and elite lobbying against the army because of perceived political interference and human rights violations. You can recruit 10 more divisions if you like but if you can't supply them equipment and fuel because of sanctions it will be pointless.
Contrary to what one might say, the Pakistan military is concerned about their reputation.

This is the reason why an over bloated ISPR exists. Remember Babar and Anjum’s press conferences to salvage the downward spiral.

PTI workers in jail, media gag orders, software updates are all part of the larger picture to salvage their lost reputation.

They would love to reset the public’s memory to pre April ‘22 where the public would distribute sweets on every martial law or RCO.

But heck, Pakistanis have woken up to the real culprits.

There is still time. Please course correct because the situation will only get worse.
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